Saturday, August 22, 2015

Mickey's Camp

This week, Aliy was invited to be a camp counselor at Mickey’s Camp in Indianapolis, Indiana. Bob McDonald, Aliy’s uncle, has been a Camper at Mickey’s for 10 years.

Mickey’s Camp is a 3-day gathering of local business and educational leaders established by Mickey Maurer, a lawyer, businessman and dedicated philanthropist. The goal of the adult camp is for business men and women to leave behind daily pressures and explore new opportunities, as well as enjoy the camaraderie of fellow campers. The camp is located in a rural setting so that the Campers leave behind their business suits and 24/7 “plugged in” culture.

Mickey’s Camp is set up so that Campers choose four sessions per day in which they will learn business skills or hear stories from some of the most renown leaders in their fields or learn a new skill from experts. The sessions are set up in friendly, intimate setting. Or Campers can choose to really “get away from the daily grind” and get a massage or acupuncture therapy. These therapists are the same professionals who work on the Indianapolis Colts Football team and the Pacers Basketball team. So they know what they are doing!

Bob has shared SP Kennel stories for many years while attending the camp. Mickey became so intrigued with the story that he invited Aliy to speak at two sessions this year. So, Aliy and Allen shared the story of SP Kennel to very enthusiast audiences.

Mickey’s Camp is a great idea to improve the mind, body and soul of all the Campers. But, even more important than that, Mickey’s Camp has raised millions dollars for charity. First of all, four charities are selected each year. Then all camp food and beverages are sponsored by the highest quality restaurants and beverage suppliers in the area. The speakers, experts and professionals donate their time. Then every Camper pays a fee to attend. He or she must select to which of the four charities their fee will go.

Thanks Bob for introducing Aliy and Allen to Mickey and his wife, Janie. As well as all the other incredibly interesting and generous people of Indiana.

Not to mention, Aliy has found another great coffee bean source: Mission Coffee.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great trip!!! Also sounds as if tips on physical therapy can be picked up, too!

Two lectures SP Kennel could give, I would think...

- How learn team work and rules and respect for every team member and

- Learning how to find the stretch of those limits and thus get the most out of each and every member - for team leaders, especially.



0300jh JeanneHammel said...

Very interesting. A lot of good vibe and very encouraging. Very cool. Thanks for sharing!

Carrie, Windsor, CT said...

Wow, that is the coolest camp ever! I'd love to go there!

Nessmuk said...

No doubt about it....the SPK story is inspirational.....we can all learn from stories told by Aliy and Allen....and just think if those dogs could talk!!!