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Thursday, July 30, 2015

TBT: The 2008 Yearling Class Flashback

It is always very exciting to think about the Yearling Class at SP Kennel. This season we will have the FIVE litter (Ernie, Ginger, Five, Rodney and Scooby.) Every season this youthful Class of dogs is unique and talented. Each dog needs a tremendous amount of personal attention in order to turn them into successful SP Kennel dogs.

During 2008-09, the Car and Boat litters were the Yearlings Class. This was their first true season of their sled dog training. As many of you know, many dogs in this Class went on to be Super Stars at SP Kennel.

This cool video by Macgellan from a training run early in the season shows some of these current and recent Superstars when they were very young and inexperienced. Macgellan himself had been at the kennel only a matter of days when this was shot.

The line-up you will see is Pingo (as the only "grown up" of the group) and Ranger in lead, Beemer and Scout in swing, Malibu and Olivia, Rambler and Honda, Viper and Cutter with Tug and Hummer in wheel.

We hope you enjoy it!

FYI: Scout, Olivia and Rambler are still at the kennel, Beemer and Viper retired at the end of last season and now live in Pennsylvania, Honda lives in Oregon, Tug in New York, Malibu in Anchorage, Ranger in Fairbanks, Cutter also in Fairbanks, and Hummer is just down the road. Sadly, Pingo passed away the autumn after his 15th birthday.

The retired Life (Left to Right): TugBoat poses with her New York family; Cutter dreams of winter afternoons.

The retired Life (Left to Right): Malibu enjoys her Anchorage couch; Rambler naps on the SP Kennel Oriental rug.


Anonymous said...

great video and memories. nice to hear Mac's voice too, way to hang on !
Padee -still in Santa Rosa,CA

Barbara Hartman said...

As usual Tug perked right up and was attentive when she heard Aily on the video.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so very much for this 2008 review!!!

I had been following SP Kennel for 2 years at this point, but only during Iditarod.

So I missed out on all of this up close and personal stuff with some of my now favorites (Olivia, for one)!!! GREAT leader (but may have found her niche later in being Team exciter); awesome mother!

Olivia inspires others to do more, something that is a noble thing to do, if less glamorous that being in lead.


P.S. This was, I think, ChaCha's time up in lead (as well as making families with Oddball, IIRC)!!!

Linda Toth said...

Before I even read further and scrolled down to see my big guy, Cutter, I recognized his litter mate (but could not figure out who was next to her!).

Thank you!

Nessmuk said...

I LOVED the video....they all look so young!! How do you keep them all untangled when they are full of all that youthful energy? And Mac....I always love his videos and commentary!! Cutter IS a big boy!! Thank you so much for the glimpse in the past....awesome! Thank you also for the retirement update....SPK dogs certainly have quite the life...7 or so wondrous years of Alaskan Adventures and then retirement with full benefits....oriental rug and all! Perfect!

A-town's Becky said...

So cool to see big Mac's big daddy Cutter, working (more like playing lol) and later enjoying his retirement.
And that cutie pie Olivia, infatuated with the camera from the start. It loves you too big O.
A dog's life looks pretty sweet. :-)

marilyn cozzens said...

Thanks so much for video and flash back. Such a young enthusiastic team. Well done Mac hanging on. Aliy it is nice to see snow, especially since we are in triple digits here. Your rug looks very similar to mine. Thanks for post.

tmcaleer said...

Cutter laying on the bed is a carbon copy of my "Bailey" girl from a side view. I must search around to see if there are any frontal views to see if there are more similarities.