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Monday, July 27, 2015

One More Month of 'Vacation'

Just one more month of "summer vacation" and the dogs at SP Kennel will be back in harness. Interior Alaska has been a mixed bag as far as weather conditions the last few weeks.
It was even possible to train a dog team during a few chilly, rainy days last week -- mushing from puddle to puddle. However, yesterday the temperatures were back at 70 + degrees Fahrenheit and sunny.
A perfect afternoon for a swim. Right, Mac?! (Photo on Left.)

One of our favorite spots in Two Rivers is a beaver pond just a few miles down the trail from the kennel. There is a large beaver dam holding back 4 feet of water. The pond that is created by the beavers is a great place to swim… if you want to, that is!

It is possible to tippy-toe across the dam -- if you aren't knocked down and pushed out of the way by enthusiastic sled dogs! It seems Aliy is always trying to teach the dogs manners. She didn't come home soaking wet, so I guess it worked.

(L-R: Scout, Outlaw, Woody, Mac, Waylon, Aliy and Boondocks.)

(L-R: Tig, Outlaw, Waylon, Boondocks, Aliy, Scout, Woody, and Mac.)


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, just one more month of summer vacation and then it is "back to school" for veterans and the big two-year old crowd!!!

Love the balance test - truly, lazy days of summer (another hot week coming in CT),



Nessmuk said...

Got to love the busy beavers.....nice swimming hole indeed!! Nice to see a northern breed pup partake in the water dawg activity of swimming! The Dog Days of summer are upon us now.....I'm sure in Alaska you can feel those days getting shorter with every turn of the day! Sept will be here before you know it! I don't want to wish the summer away.....but c'mon racing season....those dogs wanna run!

Dawn E said...

Wow...one month and then it's "game face on" folks...waa hoo

Carrie, Windsor, CT said...

I'll go swimming with them! Margaret, aren't you ready to move to Alaska? I don't want any more 90° days. Enjoy your last month of vacation, puppies and Aliy and Allen!

marilyn cozzens said...

Where has the summer gone? What a great place--the beaver pond. Super balancing act Aliy. The dogs are having such a fun time. Mac looks great swimming. Thanks for the post.

A-town's Becky said...

Mac has found something.... what is that Aliy?
If Mac ever moved from wheel to lead, you wouldn't need the bridges, LOL!
Looks like fun, wish I could jump in too. :-)

tmcaleer said...

They are so good staying close and not running around after squirls, rabbits, birds and such. Everyone learns how to stay with the team!