Saturday, June 6, 2015

Thank you Girl Scouts

"Girl Scouts build girls of courage, confidence and character who make the world a better place."

On Friday, Aliy was the keynote speaker at the 2015 Alaska Girl Scout Encampment evening program. Over 800 girls and nearly 400 adults gathered at the Alaska State Fairgrounds for the 3-day biennial event. Troops from all over the state came to attend the event which had a theme of “Super Heroes in the making”.

One hundred girls were selected to attend an Aliy “Meet & Greet” Friday early evening. They all received a personalized autographed photo of Aliy and Junior the sled dog.

Later that night, Aliy spoke to all 800 girls during the evening program about following her dreams from a very young age and enduring many of life's everyday challenges to become the woman that she is today. She said that she knows that everyone -- including every girl in that audience -- has challenges and difficulties in her life: whether in school, at camp, in relationships, at home ... everyone has them!

As far as Super Powers go, Aliy believes that her Power (and it is a Super Power that everyone can have) helps her tremendously with these challenges. Her Super Power is her smile! That’s right... the power to keep smiling throughout all of the incredible challenges in life. She feels that her smile keeps her and her team upbeat and positively motivated regardless of the situation. A smile tends to make everything better. Aliy talked about smiling when she's tired and smiling when she's upset and even smiling when she feels intimidated. Then she played the girls a fun video with an upbeat pop song that showed Aliy in 40 below zero temperatures… smiling, in ridiculous blizzard conditions… smiling and coming across the Iditarod finish line in a very close 2nd place… still smiling. So, smile on Girls!

Aliy said that this was one of the best motivational presentations she has ever done. And to quote Aliy when she got back to SP Kennel: “I went to to 2015 Girl Scout Encampment to try and inspire and encourage those girls and I left the Fairgrounds more motivated and inspired than I have been in years! I give those girls my sincere and heartfelt thanks!”

The girls lined up to ask Aliy questions after the presentation.

Aliy said she felt a little bit like a 'Rock Star' while on stage because of the incredible positive excitement from all the girls!


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the super "Super" post!!!

Yes, it is Aliy's smile that differentiates her from everyone else.

For my part, I've been through brain surgery along with a cardiac arrest a week later, and I haven't stop smiling since - as Rupert Brook wrote:

Life is real, life is earnest
And the grave is not its goal...

For me, each day is a separate life, and I enjoy every single one as if it would, at the end of each, be all there is.

0300jh JeanneHammel said...

Wonderful inspiration.... no better compliment will be when those girls are older and reference this experience and motivation from Aliy. As an adult, this inspired me just reading this post!!

Anonymous said...

Exactly why I root for your success every year!

Anonymous said...

You got it Aliy! when ever I share hope with others I get so much more in return! you and SP Kennel rock it BIG time. see you soon in AK!
padee Santa Rosa, CA (with a new TR PO Box)

Willi said...

Reading this I think I learned a little bit about the true meaning of the phrase "Keep Smiling!", and I wish I had learned this in earlier stages of my life. I don't know why but somehow with all those postings a positive attitude and optimism is coming back. TKS for that, everybody at SPKennel.

Linda Toth said...

Young girls are known for being great and devoted fans of super stars - and the Girl Scouts have done right by them to give them a true super star, one they can emulate.

Nessmuk said...

What a great event for the Girl Scouts and Aliy!! Courage, confidence and character....and yes, that smile has a power all of its own!!

Leanna said...

I enjoy reading and re-reading SP Kennel posts during the off season. I appreciate the effort to keep posts coming our way. This one of Aliy and the ones before are incredible reads (Beemer and Viper's retirement got a SMILE and a TEAR outta me). Thanks so much!

Gaye Morgan-Walton said...

This was super and I loved it! Working with kids can be very rewarding. Our young folks need some good role models and Aliy, you fill this very well. Everyone responds to that wonderful bright and genuine smile you share! Lucky girls and lucky you both!! And I too love every post and read them all, often going back a second time or more!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post!!!

The power of positive outlook!!!

Aliy's love for her 4-legged family is the magic that makes SP Kennel a winner - in life and on the trail!!!



A-town's Becky said...

I love it!!!

marilyn cozzens said...

What a wonderful opportunity for the Girl Scout girls, to learn from such an outstanding leader & hero as Aliy. For sure your super power is your megawatt smile! Aliy, you are an outstanding ambassador for dog mushing and a great leader & hero to young girls & women! It is incredible how you are so willing to share yourself & lifestyle with others. You are a ROCK STAR! Thanks for the post & inspiration.

Barb Co said...

You always inspire me, teach me, coach me to think more deeply. I have a daunting task tomorrow and I will be smiling like crazy. Thank you for being willing to show us so much about you, in every post. I am grateful.

Anonymous said...

Luv u
Beemer & Viper 🐾🐾🐾

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful opportunity for both of you! Yes, facing the challenges of life with a positive attitude turns around many a situation. The Aliy megawatt smile is a super power indeed!

Remembering some legendary stories from this years Iditarod, Tim chimed in saying, if the smile doesn't work she can always bring out the arm breaker power! We had a good laugh around the dinner table!
:) Appreciating all the super powers.


Bogey said...

When do we get to see the Smile video?

You impact so many people of all ages. Keep Strong and Mush On.

Steve Laine said...


Laine Family

Miriam -- Leader Girl Scout Troop 459 said...

My girls enjoyed the meet and greet with you. You are truly an inspiration to young women.