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Friday, February 6, 2015

YQ300: Vet Checks and Bib Draw

This morning Aliy, Spencer and Moira took the 12 Red Team dogs to the veterinarian checks for the YQ300.

The vet team is fantastic - they not only do their job extremely thoroughly, to ensure everyone is in good shape to start the event, but they are so caring and gentle with the dogs. Some of the youngsters in our team were a little nervous of all the people and noise but the vets were so patient.

Nelson undergoes his vet check (photos Janice Pentland Smith)

A local community television station was covering the event and sat down for a chat with Aliy and Mismo. Once it airs, in about a month or so, we will hopefully be able to post a link. Mismo played his part brilliantly!

Lydia and Junior are checked over; Mismo is interviewed for community television - what do you reckon they are asking him?

This afternoon was the musher and handler meeting where the bib draw was done. Aliy and the Red Team will go out with bib #55 (the numbering starts from 50) which means they will leave the start chute at 3.12pm local time.

So, with vet checks complete, meetings had and bib draw done we have 13 athletes ready to run!


A-town's Becky said...

Both races should be very exciting.
Best wishes to both Black and Red teams.
I thought perhaps Mismo was asking the questions.
"So, just what have you heard about Aliy and her young team, woof woof?"

marilyn cozzens said...

Thanks for caring, gentle, dedicated vets. At least we know some of the Red Team members. Good starting position Aliy. I think the TV people are asking Mismo wet or dry kibble. Aliy looks like she is very interested in Mismo answer. Go Aliy and Red Team.

Anonymous said...

So exciting!!!

Can't wait!!! Looking forward to this youngsters race!

Best of luck and happy trails to all 12 four legged racers and to their super musher!!!

m said...

Funny! Looking forward to the interview!!!

I don't know what the community tv reporter is asking, but I know what Mismo is thinking...

Whenever you go eye to eye with a dog you are asking for at least a...lick!!!

Lourdes, VT said...

Go Aliy and Mismo and all the super stars in the Red Team at SPK!!! Lots of love, good energy and prayers!!!

Gaye Morgan-Walton said...

The shot of Mismo is precious! I love his expression. So much personality!
Good luck and guardian angels go with y'all from tomorrow through the races! I know both Red and Black teams will give it all they have--and that is a lot. Their and your best is all anyone can ask. You'll do well.

Nessmuk said...

12 healthy canine atheletes ready to hit th trail....go Red Team #55!