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Saturday, February 7, 2015

YQ: Team Rosters

Allen and the Black Team leave the starting chute at 11.00am this morning local time. Leading him out will be seasoned leaders QUITO and SCOUT. CHICA and IZZY will run in the swing position followed by SISSY and her brother SCHMOE. MAC and WAYLON will start out side-by-side with CHEMO and OUTLAW behind them. SCOOTER and NACHO come next with WILLE and CLYDE in wheel. This is a strong, veteran team with Izzy, Sissy and Outlaw the only YQ1000 rookies - but all three have run the Iditarod.

Allen had difficulty narrowing his team down to 14 and you will see some strong contenders in Aliy's Red Team.

Izzy, Sissy and Outlaw are Yukon Quest rookies

Aliy and the Red Team pull out at 3.12pm this afternoon with her purposefully youthful team led by siblings JUNIOR and KODIAK. Their Momma OLIVIA and Uncle BEEMER will run in swing to give them some experienced back-up. Brothers MISMO and FELIX will run together followed by WEDGY and NELSON. LYDIA and her brother DUTCH are next up with petite sisters SANDY and CHIPPER in wheel. Aliy has a mixture of experience and youth and she is very excited to run this team!

Sisters Chipper and Wedgy will run their first 300 mile race

As always, there are some excellent dogs at home that could have easily made either team. Some have been earmarked for one or the other of our Iditarod teams and can sit this one out. A few others have minor niggling injuries or didn't eat so well in the week leading up to the race and only those who were 100% fit were on the short-list. Meghan is taking great care of everyone at home and will continue to run teams so they are ready and available for a possible Iditarod call-up.

Check out the Team Roster page for more information about each canine athlete including their race history.


coyoteforging said...

best of luck to you both and most of all have fun!!

coyoteforging said...

Best of luck to you both! and have fun!!

Lourdes, VT said...

I can only imagine the feelings of excitement, super bonding between mushers and dogs, and adrenaline bubbling a slow burn in the short hours before the start of the race!!!
Stellar teams, both Black and Red!!! And #1 mushers on each of the two teams!!!
Sending strong good wishes and energy and peace of mind to lead you on this wonderful adventure!!!!

A-town's Becky said...

If I were Olivia or Beemer, I would want a ride for the first 100 miles. I know they can make the distance, but keeping up with those crazy youngsters, what a challenge!

Awesome to see Nacho man out with "Willie and Waylon and the boys," and the gals. I've missed him.

Super teams, so much talent so few spots. What a great problem for a kennel to have.

Go SPK!!! Have fun!!!

Nessmuk said...

Wow....I got one word to describe the Black Team Roster.....POWER.....lots of strong canine atheletes!! I'm going to love watching the youthful Red Team perform too...they learned a lot in the CB300 and will use that knowledge to excel on this next 300 mile race. Best wishes to both Teams!! Let the race begin!!

Barb, CO said...

Two excellent teams. Thank you for this. What is interesting abut your explanation is that you have many excellent teams depending on configuration. I appreciate the way you make your thinking public. Good luck and safe travels.

Anonymous said...

Great Post Moira! still love the word niggling~ Happy to see the team rosters. I hope Aliy will enjoy the antics of the 2 rookie sibs in wheel! Run strong and true and make your Daddy Biscuit proud!
I should be on my way north this later this week. Get em SP Kennel teams.
Padee Santa Rosa, CA

Mary Lynn Roush said...

Awesome rosters! Extra shout out to my girls: Olivia and Wedgy (fan club faves) and Superstar Quito. Go Red and Black, have safe, fun, great runs!

Patricia Lewis said...

Nacho!!! Was so worried he wouldn't make it since he had been sitting out. Guess they were saving him for the big-time race. Show them how it's done, Chica, Quito and Nacho. You too, Scout! So cool, handsome and steady. Go teams!!!

Tom, Cindy and Hoss (ret.) said...

Great teams of super athletes. We are with you all the way to the finish line.

Linda Toth said...

Papa Biscuit is missing .. sigh, but his off spring - WOW

Heidi Phillips said...

Two more winning team rosters!!! I don't think there would be a bad roster with the depth of talent in the SP Kennel!!

Be safe, have fun, and mush on!!


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Awesome lineups!!!

Looking forward to following and cheering at my computer wildly for the two teams!!! Following two races at once!!!

Go SP Kennel Red Team!!!

Go SP Kennel Black Team!!!


marilyn cozzens said...

What excellent teams. Ditties to above comments. SPK does have a great depth of talent. Go Allen & Aliy and great SPK teams. Will be following both races. Run safely & swiftly.