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Saturday, February 7, 2015

YQ: The Start in Pictures

The handler crew has arrived in Braeburn – famous for their plate sized burgers and enormous cinnamon buns! The Lodge is packed with officials, volunteers, media, handlers and supporters all checking the trackers on our various mobile devices. At the time of writing Allen is around 10 miles out and I will try to give you a report once we have done helping him park and he's finished his checkpoint arrival chores.

Earlier today, as you have seen, we got both teams safely on the trail and the handler waiting game begins.

This morning we arrived in Shipyard Park with about T-2.5 hours. We unloaded Allen’s sled and he spent a good deal of time packing and rechecking, ensuring he had everything he needed. Once the mushers leave, the only things they can add to their equipment is the gear they sent ahead in their drop bags so it is important they have everything necessary. Ray and Spencer put new plastics on the sled runners then we set about dropping the dogs.

Spencer and Ray change the runner plastics on Allen’s sled

The experience of the Black Team members was evident in their calmness as we dressed them in all their cold weather gear and walked them to the start line. Once the countdown began you could see the spark in their eyes as they were about to head down the trail. I was sitting right next to Quito and Scout in the chute to capture some footage and Scout was singing. He’s normally a pretty laid-back, calm dog but he was excited!

Again this year, as a Quest fundraiser, booties were sponsored by supporters and Clyde was the proud wearer of them this year!

Allen’s “Quest Guest” Nicky all bundled up; Josh from the logistics team fastens the all-important tracker to Allen’s sled

We had time to take a short break before getting the Red Team ready to go on their adventure.

The routine was exactly the same as Aliy packed her sled then we dressed the dogs in jackets, t-shirts, “ticklers” for the boys, and booties.

You could see quite a difference with this young team as they lunged and screamed waiting to head down the trail. The excitement of the people, the noise and adrenaline added to their mood.

It was a good feeling to have gotten both teams safely on their way.

Aliy looking frosted; the red team lines out ready to leave


Anonymous said...

Loving all these updates! We appreciate having something to read as we wait for the next refresh on the trackers. Wishing safe travels and happy trails for all the dogs, mushers and handlers. GO SPK!

Nessmuk said...

Wow...you can tell it's quite cold out there! Clyde looks handsome sporting his nifty booties! "Job well done" to the SPK Crew for getting the Teams off on the trail smoothly!

Margaret said...

Woof, woof, woof!

I am so excited I could howl!!!

Stay warm and keep these fantastic reports coming!!!

Go Black Team!!!
Go Red Teams!!!

Dawn from Maine said...

It's always a thrill and an honor to watch you guys in ACTION!!! Go RED TEAM and BLACK TEAM!!! I'm on the edge of my seat !! Praying ya all are safe and having the run of your life--puppies, too!

Lourdes, VT said...

Quite a good preparation for what lays ahead!!! Both, dogs and mushers are totally into the experience and so are the handlers!!!
Godspeed to ALL!!!

Dawn E said...

The updates are awesome! Thanks so much for everything! GO SP KENNELS

Linda Toth said...

Posted on FB, but in wrong place, probably ... Did Allen take an additional 1.5 hours in Braeburn beyond his differential?