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Sunday, February 8, 2015

YQ: Dropped Dog Update

Aliy has left Lydia and Wedgy with us in Carmacks. They both got a bit dehydrated and over exerted themselves a little so it is best they don't carry on with the race. Once they are hydrated, have a good rest and a big hot meal, they should be just fine! They get to continue on to Dawson with us in the truck and will enjoy lots of TLC. 

Lydia and Wedgy


Anonymous said...

Good Job girls! See you soon. have a warm ride in the truck with Moira. Thanks for the update! Anxiously awaiting every post and tracker change!
Padee Santa Rosa CA

Nessmuk said...

Drink up Lydia and Wedgy.....you done good for being so young and going so far!! Enjoy the TLC!

Cath Lay said...

Rest up Lydia and Wedgy ★★ Go Red Team :-)

Lourdes, VT said...

Well, these kind of things happened to all of us in our youth!!! We try to excell and do our very best, without thinking about 'tomorrow'. I know it's happened to me in my younger yesars!!! It is to be expected when our enthusiasm gets ahead of us!!
I'm sure Lydia and Wedgy will be taken care if with the best care and love in the world!!!

marilyn cozzens said...

Wedgy & Lydia you both got some valuable experience. Get hydrated & rest well. Moira will take great care of you until you get back to the kennel. Thanks Moira for all your excellent pictures and posts. Go Red Team.