YQ: Carmacks Update

As I write this, both the Black and the Red teams are resting in Carmacks. I managed to sit down with Allen as he was having a bite to eat and ask him about the trail. He said it was mostly like a racetrack!

There were some sections of jumble ice – huge blocks of ice ‘jumbled’ together which can look something akin to a 30 car pile-up on the interstate. Jumble ice is caused when ice on top of a river fractures due to the different flow rates beneath the ice. Trail breakers do their best to cut a trail through these sections using chainsaws and brute force – it’s a big job!

The biggest problem for teams on the run was that is was -40 with a crisp wind blowing on the lakes so Allen took time to ensure all the dogs were well protected.

The dogs look great and they snacked well. It appeared to me that they ate everything he offered them before settling in for a peaceful rest. Allen also ate everything that was put in front of him – the lunch special at the checkpoint was lasagna OR shepherd’s pie with salad. Allen had lasagna AND shepherd’s pie!

Aliy and the Red team just pulled in to Carmacks and I will try to catch up with her when she comes inside.

Allen thanks Scout for a good run; the Red Team pulls into Carmacks

The trail from here to Pelly Crossing is around 70-ish miles. Allen said that most significant thing coming up on the trail is more jumble ice that was reported to be worse than the section they just travelled over. There is a dog drop / hospitality stop at McCabe about 50 miles in. Teams may choose to stop here but it is not an official checkpoint.

Once the teams pull out of here we will hit the road destined for Pelly Crossing where I will update you as soon as I can.