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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Solstice Update

We've just had word that Spencer and the Red & Black team has pulled into the half-way checkpoint at the shooting range at 4.56pm. Their run time for the (approx) 50 miles is 5 hours 50 minutes.

They're making great time, especially if you keep in mind he is racing a number of yearlings in their first ever race! Their schedule will include a few rest/snack stops and their pace will be limited.

Spencer drew bib #4 and left the Pleasant Valley Store at 11.06am (right). Teams will make up their time differential at the checkpoint so the R&Bs will have to stay at least the mandatory 4 hours plus an extra 18 minutes. Their expected departure time is therefore 9.14pm at the earliest.

I grabbed these pics from the TRDMA Facebook page so all credit goes to their photographer Sandy Steffenson for capturing these fantastic images in the half-light of winter sunrise.

Tinder, Sandy and Commando ready and waiting

Ray and Allen send Spencer and the Red & Black Team on their way in the Solstice 100

It turns out that Aliy and her Red Team were the only entrants into the Solstice 50 (which started after the 100 mile race) so although they won't get too much exposure to passing and being passed it will still be a valuable exercise for the youngsters.

Setting off amongst all the hub-bub, following a trail that 12 other teams have just been on, seeing trail markers and spectators, and pulling into a checkpoint will all be new experiences for these guys.

And I don't know about you but I can't wait to hear how Chipper and Woody got on in lead in their rookie race!!

Woody and Chipper get some last minute advice from Beemer before setting off in the Solstice 50

You can follow all the action on the Two Rivers Dog Mushers Facebook Page.


Lourdes, VT said...

Hehehe!!! Those youngsters must be having the time of their lives😃 And getting great race training as well!!! It's a win-win situation!

A-town's Becky said...

Looks like the pups on the Red team get to add a First Place (LOL) First Race notch on their collars, with the help of Puppet and Beemer.

Nice pics on the Alaska Aurora Cam the last couple days. I hope Spencer and his Red and Black team see some awesome sights on their second half tonight :-)

Heidi Phillips said...

Woo Hoo!! Congrats to Woody, Chipper and all the youngsters out there racing today!!

I bet the young ones had sensory overload until it was time to get down to business.

It's awesome that Beemer is stepping up and mentoring his younger teammates by giving them a bit of advice

I selfishly had a big ole smile on my face when I read that Woody was one of the leaders for the Red team..Go Woody Go!!

Can't wait to hear about the race in future posts.

Thanks for the update!!


Linda Toth said...

I am very excited to hear about Chipper and Woody, along with the rest.

I am feeling a little sentimental about watching these fellows that I've seen as puppies put on their harnesses for their first race.

marilyn cozzens said...

Thanks for post and pictures. Yeah Spencer for such good time in first leg of 100. Great experience for the youngsters. Bring it home in first place!

Margaret said...

What a melee!!!

Ditto to all comments - it is remarkable to see veterans Viper and Lester looking straight at the camera, in focus!

And then the youngsters, some howling, some with tongues hanging out, looking about...

Nessmuk said...

I have a feeling these youngsters are going to be stellar performers....with Mentors like Beemer, Puppet, Lester and Viper how could they not! First race of many to come!