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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Solstice 100 Race Finish

Spencer finished the Soltice 100 early this morning with Red & Black team of youngsters.

Here is a comment by Race Manger, Abbie West:
"Spence Egbert came in early this morning at 3:34 to a lonely checkpoint of one, me! Then he turned around and mushed back to SP kennel! This was his plan, the whole time. Musher and dogs were very happy as they mushed off into the Northern Lights on the horizon. Awesome ending, for an awesome race!"

We are very pleased with the team's completion of this race. They had to pass directly by the kennel (about 100 yards from their dog houses or warm cozy cabin) at Mile 6 and Mile 90. The race was not easy considering the circuitous neighborhood route and the cooler temperatures. The half way 4 hour camp spot was zero degrees Fahrenheit. But, the farther west the teams raced during the second half, the colder it got. The temperature on the Chena River Slough was 22 below zero late last night.

The young team getting ready to race; A view from the driver's seat.

This race was a significant milestone for the Yearlings: Champ, Tinder, Nomex, Chena, Daisy, Violet, Commando and Torch. Also congrats to Driver and Sandy. Lester, Viper and Spencer managed to keep the team in line.


Margaret said...

Thanks so very, very much for this report on the 100 mile Two Rivers event.

Sounds as if the 8 yearlings really experienced, as you so beautifully put it, "a significant milestone."

And a special thank you to Spencer, who made this first major test a successful challenge "achieved" for the 8!!!

Anonymous said...

Steady & happy - laying the groundwork for future awesomeness! Sounds like Alaska's beauty was out in full force, too. Good job Spencer! What an amazing classroom, lucky dogs, lucky dogs.

Nessmuk said...

Sounds like a perfect race to start them out on....bone chilling cold, a long distance to cover....a nice "short" rest to learn how to eat and sleep at a check point....and mentally being able to pass the kennel...that is huge! This is a must for a future Yukon Quest Team in years to come! Well done SPK!!

Heidi Phillips said...

Congrats to Spencer and the yearlings. I agree, what a great classroom!!!!


Cal OSME said...

Glad to hear everyone is home safe and sound! Sound like it was an amazing run. Thanks for posting

A=town's Becky said...


Lourdes, VY said...

Many congratulations to Spencer and the pups!!! You guys were able to show the youngsters the ropes !!!

Gaye Morgan-Walton said...

Awesome! Big congrats to new dogs and driver! Sounds very promising for future competitions.

marilyn cozzens said...

Well done Spencer & yearlings. Great focus passing the kennel twice. What a wonderful classroom and awesome scenery. Keep up the good work.

Stormy said...

Thanks for the excellent post! Good luck in the CB300!!