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Friday, January 23, 2015

Sissy Wins Fan Club Draw #9

Congratulations to Becky Pacas from California who has won this week's Fan Club Draw.

Becky is a fan of many of our dogs - on this occasion SISSY wins!

Sissy really came into her own during the 2014 Iditarod and was running next to Mac during the storm at Safety.

She is now a seasoned racer and expected run in the Yukon Quest or YQ300 and the Iditarod this year.

Becky wins a signed "Two Rivers" drop bag of Allen's along with a few other goodies.

Thanks to all our Dog Fan Club members! The next Dog Fan Club winner will be announced on February 6th and everyone who hasn't already won and all new members will be in the draw to win. The prize will be Yukon Quest themed as we will all be in Whitehorse ready for the start of the race. Note: those of you who have already won but are fan club members of multiple dogs are still in the draw for the dogs you have not won with.

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marilyn cozzens said...

Congratulations to Sissy & Becky.
A "drop bag" of goodies,how great.
Go Sissy in the YQ & Iditarod.
I kept looking for Sissy to get a biscuit from the "fan club biscuit pan". Go SPK.

Anonymous said...

Sissy, what an exceptional super-dog. Smart & willing and giving more than 100%! Great! Congrats to Fans and dog! What a treat to see those two ladies interacting. Thank you SPK team.

Holly Freeman said...

Woohoo Becky and Sissy!!

Such a full body hugger that Sissy is! Time for some treats!

Anonymous said...

Woof, woof, woof!!! With extra strengthening foods, too!!! Biscuits all around!!!

Sissy obviously has influence and everyone in the Yard will be impressed!


Nessmuk said...

Way to go Becky!! Sissy has had my eye for quite some time now....great genetics and wow she is tough...the puppy moustache was a tell tale sign this pup was bound for Greatness!!

A-town's Becky said...

Yum, yum, hope you enjoyed your beef pieces Sissy.
Don't be shy about that stache, I love it. I think it gives you super powers. Enjoy putting them to use in the YQ300 and the Iditarod good girl.
I'm so excited about the signed drop bag, woohoo!
Thank you SPK

Barb, CO said...

Congrats to Becky,Sissy and Aliy plus everyone there with superpowers. Love the stache.

Lourdes, VT said...

Many congratulations to Becky and Sissy!!! It's a win-win situation!!!
You are very loved Sissy, mustache or not!!! 😃

Linda Toth said...

She is so darn cute, and turned out to be such a good wheel dog. Who would have thought? Well, obviously Allen and Aliy would have thought, but I would not have pegged that house chewing dog for such strength and determination.

Congratulations to Beca - you picked a winner in lots of ways.