Copper Basin Pre-race

The Copper Basin 300 Sled Dog race starts on Saturday January 10th in Glennallen, Alaska.

SP Kennel considers CB300 a "true test" of our season of training, the dogs' fitness and a musher's savvy. We've had some excellent results in this race in the past, but also some not-so-excellent ones. The race field is a strong one so it should be a heck of a race.

The CB300 is known for it's mountainous terrain, rugged trail conditions and, often times, large amounts of snowfall and bitter cold. The forecast for this weekend is fairly mild but but you just never know and you need to be prepared for changing conditions! From year to year, the race route and the conditions vary - which makes the CB300 unpredictable. This year we go through a new checkpoint - Mendeltna Creek Lodge - so that will be a fresh challenge.

We are very excited to have three teams in the event: Allen, Aliy and Spencer with their respective 12 dog teams. The exact team rosters will be posted on Friday evening or Saturday morning. There will be some difficult decisions to make between now and then, we're always sorry to leave behind any dog!

The CB300 website will have a leader board and keep an eye on their Facebook page also. Updates will be challenging due to limited cell phone service and/or internet coverage at some checkpoints.

Lastly, SP Kennel will do our best to update the doglog. Moira is back and will be handling and updating when she can. Macgellan will post some data analysis and run versus rest time statistics as he has done for the last few years. We all find this analysis interesting and useful!