Cold Snap!

This last week has seen an interesting weather combination in Two Rivers.

On Friday we got about 11 inches of fresh snow which was very exciting. It turns out it was fairly localised because as Aliy and Spencer were in the White Mountains they hardly had any but the kennel received a fair dumping! We're happy with some fresh snow on the trails and it always freshens up the yard with new white coat.

The recent snow on an unused dog house; the temperature in the "heat of the day" today

Then, the bottom dropped out of the thermometer and we've had temperatures of 40-50 below for the last few days!

That means: dogs in the dog barn! Even with husky coats, straw beds and big, warm meals the dogs use up a lot of energy keeping warm at this temperature.

Our dog barn can house up to 36 dogs and they have private, roomy, indoor, straw filled areas to sleep in. They can push through a swing door and they have an outside pen where they can do their "business" and stretch their legs.

Some of the dogs are sharing the pens (as they are big enough to house two dogs): Outlaw and Lester's bromance is blossoming. They live next to each other in the yard and play often so it is very sweet to see them curl up together in the dog barn; co-existing peacefully. Mac and Sissy are sharing also - they live next door to each other in the yard. They shared the "Safety experience" side-by-side during the Iditarod last year so they have developed a happy bond. Queen Quito of Two Rivers, on the other hand, has her own pen!

We asked the dogs what they think of their indoor digs this morning…