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Saturday, January 10, 2015

CB300: Team Rosters

You will notice a decidedly youthful appearance in the teams this year! A number of our experienced dogs are no longer racing for SP which makes the talent pool somewhat younger.

Allen's Black Team is being led out by Quito and Scout with Izzy and Chica in swing, followed by Kodiak and Olivia, Schmoe and Scooter, Willie and Nelson with Sissy and Felix in wheel.

Copper Basin veterans Quito and Scout lead the Black Team

Aliy has Junior and Scruggs leading out her Red Team with Waylon and Boondocks in swing, Clyde and Chemo, the two big lads Mismo and Mac, Outlaw and Dutch with Biscuit and his son Pepe in wheel.

Copper Basin Rookie Junior and her Uncle Scruggs lead the Red Team

Spencer has a very young team. It was very consciously decided he would have a large number of yearlings in the team and race with a very conservative race plan. He has Lester and Viper in lead, Beemer and Commando in swing, Chena and Torch, Tinder and Puppet, Driver and Nomex, and Violet and Sandy in wheel.

Trusty Lester and Viper lead the youngsters in the Red & Black Team

There are some great dogs still at home; many of whom could have very easily made the teams. Some of the decisions were difficult to make, especially for the Red and Black Team.

Some are simply sitting this race out or if someone wasn't 100% fit they weren't picked, keeping in mind we are still early in the season. In some cases the decision was made simply by who looked better in the last week leading up to the race. Had the race been a week earlier or later the teams would likely have looked a little different. We understand the sponsors and fans of the dogs who didn't make the teams will be disappointed but, of course, there are still some races to come this season and, as far as the two year olds and yearlings go, they have a long career ahead of them with plenty more opportunities!

Meghan will care for everyone at home and will be running the trails while the race is on. Thanks Meghan!

Check out the Race Roster page for more information about each dog.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to Meghan for keeping the Team at home entertained and up on their training!!! Woof!!!

Who can forget Meghan's Copper Basin last year, with Ranger in lead of R&B, passing teams in the last stretch of an arduous race - Awesome!!!

Such beautiful dogs all - Red, Black and R&B's!!!

Good luck and be safe, sincerely,


Heidi Phillips said...

All three teams have winning rosters if you ask me!!! Go, Run, Win...and be safe!

Hi Meghan, thanks for looking after the pups at the kennel


Anonymous said...

Yippee to all doggies and mushers! Have a great race! I am glad Meghan is back at the ranch running, someone had to keep Nacho busy.
thanks for the updates.
Go SP Kennel!
Padee Santa Rosa Ca

Anonymous said...

Wishing all three teams a great race! --Cliff Michel & Family (Junior's Sponsor)

A-town's Becky said...

Ditto to Heidi!

Look at all those leaders....
why... the better to hear my musher, my dear.

Have a blast working your little SPK tail's off.
Yes, lots of wonderful talent still back at the kennel!

marilyn cozzens said...

Have a fun & swift race--all 3 teams. All 3 teams are top notch. Thanks Meghan for keeping things going at the kennel. GO SPK.

Nessmuk said...

Those look like great SPK Teams ready to hit the trail!! I got my CB300 GPS tracker page up on the ole iPad and my Chemo Dog SPK blanket and Red Beanie to keep me warm and happy as I follow the race!! I'm in full Arm Chair Mushing mode here in the Adirondacks!!

Linda Toth said...

Hooray for Nelson, Felix, Izzy, and Kodiak making the black team. that is just plain all right! I am happy to see Sissy has again taken on the duties of wheel dog. Good Girl! Congratulations to Junior and Dutch on running their first major race on the Red Team. Good luck to Spencer and the veterans who will guide the youngsters along their maiden race.

Lourdes, VT said...

Stellar teams for all three mushers and, not all of them are youngsters! Quito, Beemer, ChaCha, sweet Puppet, etc!
I am so excited about the race!!! Everybody at work asks me how is the SPK racing season is going.... I can't stop about you guys and your dogs!!! Have the tracker on my iPhone!
Good thing Meghan is back at the kennel to take care of the athletes!
Best of luck to all three teams!!!