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Saturday, January 10, 2015

CB300: Run Times To Chistochina

Those of you who have followed the CB300 before probably know what I'm going to say, but here it is for any newcomers and those of you who could use a reminder:

In the CB300, the only race stat you need to watch is run times between checkpoints.

Because all mushers are required to take 18 hours of rest -- and top teams will only take that amount of rest -- the winner will be whichever musher has the lowest cumulative run time between checkpoints from start to finish.

Don't get confused about who takes how much rest where. That all goes according to individual musher strategies. Before the race is over, all their rest times will be the same 18 hours. Don't drive yourself crazy about "start differentials" either, they will all be worked out during one of their checkpoint rests.

The fastest team with the lowest overall run time will win the CB300... Period.

With that said, here are the top dozen Start-Chistochina run times in order. This is not the order they arrived in Chistochina, but the amount of time it took them to run there.

Allen had the fastest time, arriving well ahead of the second fastest team. As I wrote before, he has set a blistering pace, even more impressive considering the number of teams he had to pass along the way. Passing slows you down -- like trying to get around a slow moving vehicle on a two lane road -- but Allen zipped right along anyway.

Aliy's time was sixth fastest, a credit to the quality of both her SPK "B-Team" and her own mushing mastery. Although she isn't likely to catch Allen's "A-Team" you can be sure that she is in full competitor mode and will do the best she can in the field.

It is far too soon to start making any predictions, because there are so many things that can happen on a trail. Nevertheless, both teams have made a very strong showing on the first 50-mile stint of the race... Go SPK!


A-town's Becky said...

So glad YOU're in charge of the math Macgellan.
All SPK teams are back out on the trail. I hope they enjoy climbing those hills.
I can just imagine Mac screaming as Aliy passes the other teams.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Macgellan!!!

Woof, woof, woof!!!

Nessmuk said...

I always like how you cut to the chase in plain language Macgellan! How did you know I was getting caught up in differentials and such!! Run time, run time, run time for the Copper Basin...I remember now! Wow....Allen and the black Team are doing well indeed.....and yes, lots of miles yet to go but a nice start for both the Red and Black Teams!! SPK All the Way!!

Anonymous said...

great run so far SP Kennel teams. and it looks like SP Kennel raised another great racer as well. Look at Ryne go!
Padee Santa Rosa CA

Lourdes, VT said...

Yes, go Allen and the Black Team!!!!!
Thank you Macgellan for understanding the math and explaining it so well!!!
Aliy and the Red Team are in pretty good shape as well!!!
This is so very good!!! I love race season!!!

Anonymous said...

Great, thanks for the as usually super clear
And brilliantly worded update, much appreciated.
Wish I could just as Raven fly by and look at
my favorite teams , each dog and fluff a cheer
at the musher. Hope it stays a bit colder the next
half of the trail.

Cal OSME said...

Thanks for helping this newbie understand it all. Keep it up SPK. Cheering you on from Erie, PA

Lia & Charlene

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mac, for making it so clear. I'm a bottom line person so I liked reading what the bottom line was from your post.
Looking forward to your next report regarding the times to Meiers.