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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

CB300: Red and Black Team Finish

We are so incredibly proud of Spencer, Viper, Lester, Commando, Beemer, Chena, Torch, Tinder, Puppet, Driver, Nomex, Sandy and Violet. They crossed the finish line in 34th position at 12.35 this afternoon.

When I asked Spencer what dog he wanted his finish photo to be with he chose Commando. Commando the yearling rockstar was in lead for various sections of the trail!

Will write a more detailed report later.


Linda C said...

Kudos from Alexandria, Virginia to Spencer and all those great dogs! Way to go!

Sherry said...

Nice Spence! We're proud of you! Way to bring in. Happy team!

marilyn cozzens said...

Good job Spencer, Commando, Tinder, Chena, Viper, Lester, Beemer,Torch, Puppet,Driver, Nomex, Sandy, & Violet. What a blast the dogs & Spencer had along the trail. Spencer, you look exhausted.

Lisa B said...

Great job Spencer! It's been lots of fun to follow 3 SPK teams in the Copper Basin. You did a fine job with the R&B dogs and set them up nicely to be future super stars. Hope y'all have fun tonight at the banquet and safe travels back to Two Rivers.

JeanneC said...

WOOHOO!!! Great job Spencer and the R/B team. We're thrilled to be sponsoring the latest SP Kennel rock star. ������

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Thanks Spencer!!!

Thanks so much for taking Chena on such a fabulous adventure, and she looked marvelous at check in at the finish (one of the questions she was asked by the vet, to make sure she was OK, was "who is the President of the United States?" and Chena said "Quito").

Best, and have a blast at the dinner, sincerely,

Margaret & Al

JeanneC said...

WOOHOO!!! Great job Spencer and the R/B team. We're thrilled to be a tiny part of SP Kennel and Commando's sponsor.