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Friday, January 9, 2015

CB300 Glennallen

The team is now in Glennallen after the hike down the Richardson Highway. First stop was to hand over all our drop bags to the volunteers who will take them to the checkpoints and have them ready and waiting when the mushers arrive.

Sourdough drop bags ready to go

The dogs then had their veterinarian checks to ensure they are fit and healthy enough to run the race. This is an important part of the race and the volunteer vet squad do a great job both at the pre-race check and throughout the race.

Clyde has his vet check while Tinder has a few suggestions for the vet

The mushers then checked in in at Race Headquarters where they register their attendance and also get the dogs' rabies and other vaccination paperwork signed-off. They also autographed some posters for race sponsors - it is a particularly fine poster this year!

This year's race poster - Aliy's Red Team from 2014 (unconventional harness system and all!)

This evening we will attend the mushers/handlers meeting and in between all this we "drop" the dogs from the truck (of course we don't actually "drop" them, they are very carefully lifted in and out of the trucks) to feed them, let them relieve themselves and also to salve their feet and rub them down. They'll get a good night's rest.

Tomorrow morning will start early with a feed for the dogs and humans then the race kicks off at 10am. Spencer is the first of our mushers to leave at approximately 10.52 with Aliy at approx 11.04 with Allen just four minutes behind her (timing to be confirmed once the final entrant list is complete, there have been some late withdrawals which may affect the start times at little).

The handler crew is Ray, Moira, Mark and Joanna and we will do a little mixing and matching with two trucks following three teams.

We'll post the final team rosters in the morning.

Remember to check back frequently with the CB300 website and Facebook page for updates throughout the race.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this update!

And my doesn't Tinder look so big and strong and handsome!!!


Best of luck to all on the 3 teams and stay safe everybody, best,


Mary Lynn Roush said...

Go Red and Black! Hope all the dogs and their mushers have great runs!

Anonymous said...

Good luck and safe travel to all the teams!

marilyn cozzens said...

Yes this year's poster is fantastic. The most outstanding team and musher--yeah Aliy & Red Team! What fun to have heard Tinder's vet suggestions. Go SPK--all three teams. Ready to follow the race & cheer for SPK.

A-town's Becky said...

YES a mighty fine poster indeed!
Beemer, Rambler, Waylon, Scruggs, Clyde, Chemo, Mac, Sissy, Tug, Fang, Tatfish, Izzy, and I all think so...
Beautiful :-)

Anonymous said...

SPK is the best. safe and speedy travels to you all.

Lourdes, VT said...

What a great update! Love the pictures!
The energy at the start line must be sooooio awesome! !!!
Wish I could be there in person to help out and to cheer for the SP Kennel teams!!! Awesome poster!!!

Have a great race. I'll be checking the progress on line and on FB.