CB300: Dropped Dog Update

Allen left Mendeltna with 10 dogs, Aliy with 9. I just received a text from Moira with this info:
"Rock star scout has a sore shoulder and as the run home will be fast Allen decided to let him sit out the rest of the race. Aliy's little superstar Junior just got tired. To keep the race a positive experience for her, she will ride with us. Spencer dropped violet who also has a bit of a sore shoulder and because the run to Mendeltna is long she will see her team mates at the finish line."
Overall, the dogs have fared extremely well in difficult snow conditions. As much as the mushers want every dog to stay on the team, it is even more important -- as always -- to avoid serious injury or bad experiences. There's still an amazing amount of power in a 9-10 dog team!

If you're watching the tracker, you are no doubt experiencing the usual "extra-drama" of signals not being updated on a timely basis. Why is it always at the end of a race that the trackers seem to make us especially crazy!