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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Two Rivers Neighborhood Race - Red Team Wins!

In the early hours of this morning Aliy and the Red Team crossed the "finish line" first in the Two Rivers Neighborhood Race followed very closely by Ryne Olson, Sebastian Schnuelle and Allen with the Black Team. Spencer and the R&B Team, Joanna Jagow and Jon Fletcher from Sebastian's kennel rounded out the rest of the line-up. Riley Dyche, racing a team of youngsters from Ryno Kennel took out the 50 mile event before resting his team then mushing home.

The race started at noon on Saturday with the eight teams setting off with a mass start. Mushers started in their sleeping bags, had to hook up their teams and mush from the parking lot! The route took the teams past the Pleasant Valley Store then looped for fifty miles around local trails including the Stiles Creek Loop. Ryne described the loop as "full of switchbacks, steep hills, beautiful views, and thrilling sled driving". Each team took a four hour rest back at the parking lot "checkpoint" then the route was reversed for the second fifty miles.

Thanks to Ryne and Derek from Ryno Kennel for organising the "race" and to Chase, Wendy and Mark for helping out! It was super fun and gave all our dogs a really good early season work-out. We're really pleased with how everyone did on their first test of the season.

More to come.


Anonymous said...


Congratulations to everybody, 4-legs, 2-legs and the spectacular Formula One (?) start...what fun!!!


Anonymous said...

Love the start from the sleeping bags! Congrats to everyone, and many thanks to Ryne for her leadership in organizing this race!
- Frances (friend of Boris and Ginger)

Dawn E said...

First win of a season of wins for the red team! Whoo hoo!

Cal OSME said...

Congratulations Red Team! Glad to hear you had such a wonderful time.

Nessmuk said...

Awesome weekend for you all...sounds like the "Semi" Race was a big success!! Congrats to all who participated!! Happy Solstice, and enjoy your extra 9 seconds more of daylight tomorrow!!

Lourdes, VT said...

Congratulations to the Red Team and to all the teams in the race!!!
This is a very important start of the race season. I can see the 2015 winners of the Iditarod as Aliy and the Red Team!!!!

Gaye Morgan-Walton said...

I love it! Bet everyone had a total blast. What a cool fun way to start the season! Go Aliy; you are off to a great start!

marilyn cozzens said...

Way to go Aliy & Red Team. Great start to racing. Thanks Ryne for organizing the race. What a wonderful idea to start from sleeping bags. Well done SPK. What a fun day.

Nathalie Barlet said...

Congratulations ! This is very promising indeed, you're all in great shape !