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Monday, December 8, 2014

Trail Pics with Fresh Snow

We've had some fresh snow in the last week as you can see from these two pics captured by Spencer. He took the team out east on Baseline and then on a 30 mile loop.

The team is (front to back, left to right):

Kodiak and Beemer, Schmoe and Lydia, Viper and Clyde, Puppet and Woody, Wedgy and Sandy, Biscuit and Chipper.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! thanks to Spencer! I guessed it was Chipper with her Daddy.=) Her big ears and furry coat. She is running with the BIG dogs. Thanks to SP Kennel for the opportunity to always see whats going on in Two Rivers. Am I there yet! Good racing ahead.
Padee Santa Rosa Ca

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Spencer!

Ruth said...

Impressive! Thanks for sharing.

marilyn cozzens said...

Great pictures, Spencer. Thanks so much. Looks like you had quite a bit of snow, that is great.

Lourdes, VT said...

Beautiful snow and happy pups! Also, beautiful pictures! Thank you Spencer!!!

Cal OSME said...

How beautiful! AND! my package arrived from SPK today. Love the tote bag and pictures of Five, Aily and the puppies. Not necessarily in that order, well, maybe! Thanks again.

Erie, PA

Nessmuk said...

Look at lil Chipper in wheel!! You go girl! Nothing beats fresh snow on the landscape...gorgeous pictures!! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone is having fun. Thanks for identifying the dogs.

Barb said...

Thanks 2x for identifying the dogs and kudos to all of you who can identify them so well. And what a breathtaking landscape.

Margaret said...

How special to have snow for your teams to enjoy as they put on their training miles!

Thanks so much for keeping the website updated (change of date for Two Rivers 100).

Looking forward to seeing what the new crop of two year old 4-legged racers can do!!!



cathydouglas said...

Why do I love snow so much when everyone around me can't do anything but grumble? I don't know, but I do! Maybe it's the dogs' fault???

Anyway, love the dogs, love the snow!