Thanks Algyval

Magali Philip, the USA Agent for Algyval, has been a sponsor of the SP Kennel dogs and mushers for years. She generously provides us with a season's supply of the massage balm.

Algyval is a magical balm we use to warm up and massage canine muscles and joints. It is like using "Icy Hot" on humans - only better! In fact, it is not unheard of for a musher to use it on their own sore muscles! It smells amazing too!

We pack small bottles of it into all our drop bags on every race and also carry it with us in an inside pocket of our parka (to keep it from freezing! Such as it's importance!

And, it's not just for sled dogs - all dogs could benefit from Algyval so give it a try on your busy farm dog, agility dog, hunting companion, frisbee champion, active pet dog or even your achey elderly family member or for post-injury rehab!

Thank you Magali and Algyval for helping keep the dogs of SP Kennel in tip-top shape. Check out her Facebook page and website for more information.