Santa borrowed the team last night!

This morning we walked out into the dog yard and found some very peculiar evidence that someone had taken a small team of our sled dogs out for a long run last night. No one ever comes to SP Kennel without permission so... after hours of looking at clues, we think we have it figured out:

Santa had an emergency crash landing at SP Kennel last night. SP Kennel isn't too far from North Pole so if he had technical difficulties, the kennel would be a logical spot to land. His reindeer obviously needed to recuperate. So, he borrowed nine SP Kennel sled dogs to continue his delivery route. He must have brought them home just before we woke up this morning.

I know, I know... I can’t believe it either but the evidence is undeniable!

The Two Rivers C.S.I. Unit (see Security Access Photos above) were immediately called to the kennel to investigate. After hours of looking at details and quizzing all of the dogs a few significant clues were discovered:

You know Driver and Daisy and Pepe and Viper,

you know Chemo and Chipper and Dutch and Biscuit,
But do you recall
The most famous sled dog of all

Rambler the Red-Nosed Sled Dog

Merry Christmas from everyone at SP Kennel. And we hope that Santa got to your house on time!