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Monday, December 29, 2014

Comfort Inn - Ship Creek

Aliy and Allen met the entire team at the Comfort Inn Downtown – Ship Creek in Anchorage for a lunch social earlier this month. The mushers shared stories about the SP Kennel dogs and the Iditarod trail. They talked about how luxurious the last night's sleep can feel before spending many challenging days on the Iditarod Trail. It is very exciting that this 'last night' will be at the Comfort Inn Downtown Anchorage.

Allen, General Manager, Michelle Alletson, The Hotel Group, Sales Manager Jody Reisher and Aliy talked about how the dogs will react to their new digs in Anchorage. So far, only Beemer has seen the hotel. (Photo at right)

We are delighted to be part of the Comfort Inn team and are excited to have the entire SP Kennel Team staying there during the Iditarod week. The dogs will have plenty of space and the mushers will get a much needed rest and hearty breakfast before heading out onto the trail. The whole layout of the hotel is perfect for our team. Especially those who want to make their own waffles for breakfast… yummy!

Are you coming to Anchorage for the Iditarod and not made your booking yet? Rooms are filling up fast for the Iditarod week so click the logo below to see the special "Friends and Family of SP Kennel" deals going!


Margaret said...

Upon meeting those in charge a couple of months ago, I'm sure SP Kennel charmed the management!

And I'm also sure Beemer gave an excellent report back to the Team from his previous visit!

Exciting new!

Lourdes, VT said...

Very good news guys! I was wondering where you were going to stay for Iditarod week!!! So glad you will be at such a nice place!!!
If Mr. Beemer approved of it and, I'm sure he did, the rest of the teams would love it as well!!! Hey, let's not forget he is a lead dog!!! 😃😍😜

Linda Toth said...

I spent the weekend there on my monthly visit to Anchorage and met Michelle whose excited about the race at Chena Hot Springs, BTW.

What rate are you talking about exactly (LFOA or corporate or?). It in any case, it's reasonably priced without a special rate and truly, truly wonderful people at the front desk.

Nessmuk said...

YES we are coming to Anchorage and YES, we booked a room at the Comfort Inn -Ship Creek!! I'm SO excited to finally see this race after 30 years of reading and watching it from afar! Thanks SPK....being a Team Member and Chemo Dog Sponsor definitely enhanced my interest in this awesome sport!!

marilyn cozzens said...

What great news. Yes what is the rate for friends & family of SPK? I am sure Beemer has spread the news at the kennel. The last night before hitting the Iditarod trail is very important to be restful!!

SP Kennel Crew said...

If you click on the Comfort Inn logo (above) it takes you directly to the special rates page

Nessmuk said...

The Comfort Inn is offering a great deal....wish the airlines would follow suit...BUT seeing the Red and Black Team off on this great adventure and perhaps meeting some fellow SPK Dog Loggers, now that is nothing short of priceless!! C'mon, this IS the year to go!!

Barb, CO said...

Thank you so much for posting this! YES, we are coming! It was my Christmas present. My hubs arranged everything so I will see what we can do to get into the Comfort Inn from wherever we are. No matter what, I am so hoping we can meet others of you whom we have come to love within this community.