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Friday, December 5, 2014

Alpine Creek Excursion

Unfortunately we have had to withdraw our three teams from the Alpine Creek Excursion Sled Dog Race this weekend. We've had some ongoing "dog truck issues" and decided to make the call earlier this week to ensure those on the wait list for the race had enough time to prepare.

The good folks at Auto Trim Design Fairbanks as well as Gene's Chrysler Dodge have been working with Allen to decipher the cause of the problem. We hope to have all of the dog trucks back at the kennel today. Since our goal is always to race as many SP Kennel dogs as possible, we obviously need reliable transportation to get them to the starting line.

We will stay in Two Rivers this weekend and, as we have had a generous snowfall over the past week, we may just simulate the race on our own trails!

We are disappointed as we were looking forward to racing, but as is a favorite saying here at SP Kennel: "It's never easy". We wish all the competitors and organisers a safe and successful race on Saturday.


Anonymous said...

It only has to last until March, when you'll be awarded your new Dodge for first place! It's your year!

marilyn cozzens said...

Go for the simulation race of three teams! I hope that you get the trucks back to the kennel in tip top shape! Glad for more snow. How is TINDER buddy doing? Also wishing Alpine Creek race to be safe & successful.

Anonymous said...

Considering the below zero temps, I wouldn't want to break down with your wonderful woofing passengers this weekend on the way to or from the A.C.E. 64 mile race!

How about a 2-Rivers three team race, 16 dogs each, 3 times through the 22 mile course with "handicaps" (the third team of yearlings only has to do the route twice)?



Nessmuk said...

Bummer about the dog trucks...but totally understandable that you had to withdraw from the race. I have been watching the weather there and was glad to see you got a dump of snow!! Happy trails to you this weekend on your home "turf"!!

A-town's Becky said...

"It's never easy," however ...
SPK making the best out of a bad situation, as usual.

Lots of options, run the teams as planned, add dogs (Margaret), add a musher, only your own rules, and once again...

a chance to do what is in the best interest of your dogs, to prepare them for the up coming races.
especially the one that might just land you the new wheels (anon) :-)

Barb, CO said...

Maybe we need another category to support like Red Team, Black Team, Dog Sponsors etc? something like Dog Truckers. I'm in for sure if you go for this idea.

Lourdes, VT said...

So sorry to hear the news but you made the right call. Hope your dog truck gets fixed and in top shape to transport mushers, handlers and 'precious cargo' in the near future!
Hope this message goes thru!!! I'm having 'electronic' issues posting messages 😔