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Monday, November 10, 2014

Comfort Inn Ship Creek

We are very pleased to announce that Comfort Inn Ship Creek in Downtown Anchorage is our new 'home in Anchorage'. This dog friendly (and people friendly) hotel will be SP Kennel's home during the Iditarod 2015. The location is absolutely perfect for the Iditarod dogs and mushers.

Aliy, Allen and Beemer stayed at the hotel several weeks ago and were absolutely delighted by the hotel staff's generosity and hospitality. Beemer enjoyed strolling the creek side trail just behind the hotel and 'claimed' many of the bushes surrounding the property. He is thrilled to bring his team mates back in March.

Beemer in front of his new home -- the Comfort Inn Ship Creek in Downtown Anchorage.

In addition to being SP Kennel's hotel sponsor, the Comfort Inn has offered a "Friends and Family of SP Kennel" rate. If you need a place to stay in Anchorage during Iditarod or any other time of the year, choose the Comfort Inn Ship Creek. Click on their logo below to go to their website and book a room. We will see you there!


Linda Toth said...

Hooray - a new home away from home!

Nessmuk said...

I was getting a bit worried about where you all were going to stay!! Phew!! Looks like a nice place! And then they sweeten the pot with the Fiends and Family of SPK discount and hmmmm....maybe, just maybe this is the year we go! Now if I can only get over the flying part of the trip!!

Cindy Eckhoff said...

Excellent! Way to go Beemer!

Anonymous said...

Great news!!!

Glad Beemer approved!!! He must have been very impressed with the combination of rural walk path by the stream PLUS the urban light pole out front for marking!

Barb said...

Beemer makes it his own! That is a very generous offer for the friends of SP Kennels. I want so badly to come but our Spring break is the week after the Iditarod. (How can that be?) But I know I will be watching it on the big screen here every day.

marilyn cozzens said...

That is great news that you found a home in Anchorage, AND they extended a special rate for friends of SPK, how special is that! Beemer looks excited that he got to check it out. He has lots to tell his team mates back at the kennel. I am thrilled you found such a great place.