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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wind Back Wednesday: "S" Litter Pupdate

Happy birthday to Schmoe, Scooter, Sissy and Spoog who turned five years old today!

Today's Wind Back Wednesday (to replace Throwback Thursday this week) is from November 2009 which brought us pictures of the latest additions to SP Kennel - the Pepper x Ranger litter dubbed the "S" litter. How cute are they? All four have matured into great, hardworking and talented dogs with Sissy and Schmoe making Aliy's 2014 Iditarod team!

We brought the pups inside for a while this morning and had a grand time with them.

L-R Scooter was active and outgoing, especially enjoying time laying on Allen's chest; Schmoe played hard then crashed for a perfect little puppy nap.

L-R: Sissy has the best mustache in the Kennel... Perhaps in the entire dog universe! (We hope her doggie friends don't tease her about it.); And then there's Spoog... What more can you say than "Too cute!"

All the pups are doing very well and growing like crazy! Pepper is a very good mom, and all the dogs are helping to socialize the pups in the Kennel pack.


Anonymous said...

Didn't Spoog just take early retirement package? As did Ranger, his Daddy?

marilyn cozzens said...

Happy Birthday "S" litter. What adorable puppy pictures. You all grew up to be great looking dogs. Hope you all get to run in the Iditarod again this year. Also hope you get extra biscuits for you birthday today! Thanks so much for the post. Did you get more snow?

Lourdes, VT said...

Beyond adorable!!!! Thank you for Wind Back Wednesday! How many beautiful memories!!!

Nessmuk said...

I have always loved that Sissy mustache! We all know how great a Sled Dog Ranger is....that Pepper must have been a great sled dog too....I see she was the mamma to several SPK litters! They certainly made a talented addition to the SPK Family!! Happy Birthday "S" Litter!

Mom in PA said...

Spoog may be cute as a button but she thinks you love Schmoe more because you listed Schmoe twice and forgot her...

Anonymous said...

OMG! How times flies!!!

Pepper, if I recall correctly, came to the kennel from...a great story, and it is here on the DogLog (or just type in "Pepper"



Holly Freeman said...

sissy, look at little you with your gorgeous moustache!!!
You are sporting one as good as Allen's!

Happy Birthday to our beautiful quirky Sissy!!