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Thursday, October 30, 2014

University Leadership Luncheon

This past week, Aliy was invited by the L.I.V.E. program to talk with students on the campus of the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The mission of the program is to “cultivate effective leaders for Alaska by creating and supporting a rich variety of student leadership development opportunities, partnering with academic departments and the community”.

One of these leadership development opportunities is a bi-monthly luncheon where students can meet with local community leaders and learn what makes them successful. Aliy presented a talk on three key characteristics that she believes makes a successful leader (human and dog):
1) Set a goal
2) Pursuing that goal with passion
3) Respect and Support your team members to achieve their individual potential

Aliy speaks to the Leadership Luncheon group at UAF.

The group listened intently as Aliy gave real life mushing examples of these three characteristics in action. She shared how she has used these characteristics in training and leading her dog team, and how they have impacted her races, particularly in the difficult conditions of the 2014 Iditarod race. At the end of the talk, the participants asked a variety of questions and provided feedback on the session. Many stated they enjoyed the unique perspective Aliy provided. Of course, everyone left the luncheon knowing a little bit more about the special dogs of SP Kennel.


Anonymous said...

The dogs of SP Kennel respond to great leadership. They buy into the system. And they have trust in their mushers.

Dogs are loyal - not always a characteristic of some other animals, especially the 2-legged ones.

marilyn cozzens said...

What a fabulous opportunity for the students to hear from a great, successful leader like Aliy. Also how great to promote dog mushing and the wonderful dogs of SPK. Aliy you are to be praised for your willingness to share & promote your life and lifestyle.

Barb Co said...

(It would be great if this were to go on line for others to use too. Just something to think about. I already use SP Kennels as the exemplar for solid leaders. I confess I hang on your every word, Aliy)

Nessmuk said...

They picked a great mentor to speak on such core leadership values...Aliy is a great example of a person who works passionately and with determination towards her goals, while at the same time has fun doing it...even when things get tough! You go girl!! Always an inspiration!

Chilly Fairbanks said...

So sorry I missed this!

Gaye Morgan-Walton said...

Very awesome and exactly the kind of thing I hope to bring out very strongly in my in-progress book on the lady mushers!! Aliy is perfect to pitch this approach. All our young students and future leaders need this kind of advice.