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Monday, October 20, 2014

The New Portraits are Posted!

For those of you waiting, the new dog portraits are posted on the Dog Page.
So check them out!

A HUGE thank you to Jeanne and her camera magic!
And of course ~ as we all know ~ SP Kennel wouldn't be the same without Moira's website magic!

Personally, these are my three favorites portraits:

Waylon is always a challenge to photograph and Jeanne sure captured his intensity without "bug eyes" this year. Junior is a strange-looking girl with huge bat ears, but somehow this portrait makes her look almost glamourous (I said almost.) Lester is a shy guy by nature but this portrait seems to bring out his awesomeness!


A-town's Becky said...

They are all fantastic, and yes, Junior has a sophisticated elegance. :-)

North Carolina Sue said...

These 3 totally made my day! I LOVE those eye!

Linda Toth said...

I had a sneak peak of these late last night (just happened to go to the dog page). I noticed right away that Junior has a wonderfully long, elegant neck. I think she looks stupendous.

Nessmuk said...

I love all the new pics....if I were to pick a favourite it would be Scout with that big smile! I also noticed a similarity between the S litter and I.V. & Chemo....must be their momma Peppers intensity coming out! I never saw the similarity before the new pictures....love all the intense blue eyes of SPK too! Awesome job SPK and thanks to Jeanne!

marilyn cozzens said...

What fabulous portraits! Every single dog is awesome. Thanks Jeanne & Moira. Waylon, Junior, & Lester are very intently looking forward to a fabulous racing year. Congrats Aliy in getting 3 teams in Attic race in Dec. Go SPK.

Anonymous said...

So handsome (Waylon and L-Z) and Junior is raring to go!!!