Portrait Day

Okay, so some folks think that we are a little "over the top" when it comes to our dogs. And I'll have to admit that having a day set aside as "Portrait Day" might just put us in that category. But… every school has a "Picture Day" and everyone loves photos of our dogs. So, we do it anyway.

But it is a lot of work! Most of all, we have to thank Jeanne Schnackenberg. She puts tremendous time and effort into her photography. Taking hundreds of pictures are only the first step. She then spends hours downloading and editing the final product. In just a few days, every SP Kennel dog will have a brand new amazing glamour portrait.

Chena and Jeanne look at portrait options; They compromised on the final selection.

The kennel garage was a fine combination of professional flash equipment, lighting panels, colorful back drops and all the fancy stuff that any portrait studio would have in conjunction with biscuits, "squeaky noise" dog toys (including a dancing Snoopy) and dozens of gloves that are tossed in the air for the desired "ear perk look". The very patient photographer's assistants were Wendy and Spencer.

L-R: Tinder was slightly intimidated by the camera; Nelson shows his "best" side