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Friday, October 3, 2014

Join the Fan Club!

The 2014-15 Dog Fan Club is now open!

Last season we introduced the Dog Fan Club and it was a huge success! We received so much feedback from you about how much you enjoyed showing your support for your favorite dog or dogs. As you may know, we are in the fortunate position that all our SP Kennel dogs will have individual sponsors this season and we have a wait list for this programme. We have always had the policy of "one dog, one sponsor" and that meant that, in previous seasons, many of you could not directly support your favorite dogs. Now you can!

Will you choose Beemer, Kodiak, Schmoe or one of the others?

When you join the Dog Fan Club, your name is displayed on the Dog Fan Club page and every two weeks we make a random draw for a lucky winner to receive a topical prize. Last year we gave away prizes such as a signed CB300 poster, an Iditarod DVD and a Yukon Quest T-shirt!

This year also, due to popular demand, we have included "The Five" puppies in the Dog Fan Club. Their early life struggles and their determination and fighting spirit has earned them a lot of supporters so we have decided to include them.

All proceeds from the Dog Fan Club go directly to the dogs! The winning dog also gets extra treats that they often share with the rest of the yard.

It is not a popularity contest and we don't tell the dogs who has the most fans but, just quietly, our superstar Golden Harness winning leader Quito ended up having TWO fan club cards as she had so many supporters and fans.

Last season Mismo (right) was our first winning dog - who will it be this season?

Show your support for your favorite dog today! The Fan Club is open from October to the end of March. The first random prize draw is Friday, October 17.


Anonymous said...

Great effort putting this together!

And so glad the dogs share the treats, which makes sense, since being a sled dog requires a sense of camaraderie.



marilyn cozzens said...

Yeah! I just scrolled through all the dogs and came up with 17 of my very favorite dogs. A very hard choice. So for now I selected a few. Go SPK--what wonderful dogs. Enjoy the extra biscuits. Go RED & BLACK teams. Win every race this year.

Nessmuk said...

Love the new dog/puppy pictures on the fan club page!!! Cool that the pups get to join in on the fun this time around! Your prizes last year were fantastic....especially that Yukon Quest Tee Shirt!!

Cal OSME said...

Have been watching Five grow and I've just sent in my sponsorship! Let's go little buddy! Your Erie, PA fan....


mary Lynn Roush said...

Love all the SPK doggies, and it's so hard to choose! Joining Olivia's club now, but will probably add to the fun as I can.

Fairbanksan said...

Fun....now I must choose....:)

Lourdes, VT said...

Very hard choice guys! I love all those dogs so much!!!
Will think about it and choose!!!

Carrie, CT said...

I've been waiting for this! I'm going to have my bf pick one for me for my birthday cause I love them all! :-)