Dog Fan Club Draw #1 - Alaska Day

Happy Alaska Day everyone! And thank you to everyone who joined the Dog Fan Club in the last two weeks. We really appreciate your love and enthusiasm for our dogs!

Alaska Day is the anniversary of the formal transfer of the Territory of Alaska from Russia to the United States which occurred at Stika on Friday, October 18, 1867.

To help commemorate this our Dog Fan Club winner will receive these Alaskan goodies (bear claw salad tongs, an Alaska dog leash and Alaska flag) in their packet along with a glossy glam shot of their dog and a Fan Club Winner certificate!

Congratulations to Mary Lynn Roush of Oregon. Mary Lynn is a fan of OLIVIA and she got extra treats and a butt scratch this morning (Olivia, not Mary Lynn)!

Our next draw is on October 31st so look out for a Halloween themed Fan Club draw! The names of everyone who didn't win this time and all new members will be in the draw to win.

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