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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Visitors to the Kennel

A local dog musher contacted us last week about a special boy who was coming to Alaska. We learned that Ben was going through some hardships in life and most of all he wanted to see the Northern Lights and mush sled dogs. Of course, we thought "Who doesn't?"

We put a few hours aside Friday morning for Ben and his family to experience the second half of his Alaskan "Wish List". We learned so much more about Ben and the Pierce Family during their visit.

Ben did enjoy the dogs, the kennel and the idea of mushing. But, being an adventurous little boy from Texas he LOVED the ATV 4 wheeler the most. Allen taught him what all the shifting buttons and levers were for and he was delighted. Ben got to "drive" while we mushed the team several miles on the local trails. But, revving the engine (while in neutral) was certainly a highlight!

His other favorite activity was standing on the SP Kennel balcony overlooking the dog yard and the surrounding hills. Allen got him the kennel binoculars and Ben could see forever!

The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner posted a story about his visit to Alaska this morning. You can read it HERE.

Allen and Ben stand on the balcony overlooking the Alaskan wilderness.


Dawn E said...

I saw pic of Ben this morning posted on Ronn Murray FB with the NOrthern Lights behind him. It is so awesome that yet again, I am amazed at the generosity of SP Kennels, and find that you folks also, helped this young man "see" so much more than most of us ever will. We are all blessed to be even a "readers" part of your lives. Thank you

Cal OSME said...

How generous of you to give your time, your home, and your experiences to this boy and his family. You and Allen inspire me daily. Bless you.

Erie PA

Nessmuk said...

What a great story and great life advice to Ben from SPK in the article!! You guys are an inspiration....your life style, your connection to your extended furry family, your drive to "do your best".....I'm sure anyone who visits your Kennel leaves feeling good about life, no matter what curve ball life has thrown at them! "Do your best" is a great mantra to live by!

Lourdes, VT said...

Dear Aliy and Allen, you two are some of the most generous, loving people in the world. You have so much love and generosity in your hearts!!! You are an example of joy, happiness and humanity! God bless you all!!!

Ruth said...

Having gone through this with a family member your compassion and understanding is most appreciated. Most people will probably never know how much this meant to one little boy. You have given him a gift that will not be forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Ditto to all above comments - kindest people I know of, thanks so much to all 2-legged ans 4-legged SP Kennel Family.

Lighting up my day knowing the good things you do.

Anonymous said...

This story brought tears to my eyes. It was nice to see SPK help fulfill his dream.

Gorgeous Fairbanks said...

Thank you! I needed a good reminder to persevere today.
The answer is so simple, yet I never tire of its repetition.

connie said...

This story brought tears to my eyes. Aliy and Allen,. From the first time I meet you, I KNEW the kind of loving hearts you to had.. You are the kindest 2 people I have ever meet. What a AWESOME story!! So nice of you, and thank you SPK Kennels for making little Ben's DREAM COME TRUE!!! Your AWESOME!!!

Anonymous said...

Why we all follow this site: Because SP Kennel:

1. Has their priorities correct;
2. Knows how to appreciate every single day as a gift; and
3. Especially the four-legged team members, wear your heart on your sleeve/winter coat and care. Woof!!!


fladogfan/gretchen said...

Wonderful story. Always like to hear about kind people in action.