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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Training Teams

We have had a consistent schedule for the dogs since the start of training. The veterans are excited to be out tromping through the puddles. The youngsters are eager - sometimes a little too much so!

Here is a video of our last of five training teams for the morning. We ran quite a few dogs single to get them used to lining out and listening to commands. At the beginning of training you want everyone to start learning what you expect. (Youngsters have an easier time focusing when they don't have their brother or sister yelling in their ear.)

The team is: Viper and Waylon (Lead), Schmoe and Chemo, Clyde and Amber, Violet (single), Spark (single), Iron (single), Felix (single).


Anonymous said...

WOOF, WOOF WOOF!!! Thanks so much!!!

This is so exciting! Wow!!!

Between the determination of the leaders (Waylon and Viper), the experience of Schmoe and Chemo in swing, Big Man on Campus Clyde showing the way to Amber and then the spectacular singles (my, doesn't Felix look like a budding B.M.O.C.)...they are all so beautiful!!!


marilyn cozzens said...

Great training group. How are the fire litter doing in their training? Thanks for the video & post.

Nessmuk said...

The youngsters are looking great!! So much to experience and learn.....bet it's fun watching them develop! They certainly have some great mentors in that group!

john gomes said...

Looks like you are getting some nice color up there.

A-town's Becky said...

Schmoe announces "Camera!" everyone glances over and immediately puts their nose back on the trail. Looking awfully professional for yearlings, ha ha.

Lynne D said...

Now that is the way to get together time for Allen and Aliy - cant think of a better morning walk. Love it!!

Golden Autumn Interior said...


Linda Toth said...

In this small sampling, I was struck by Violet's heads down attitude.

The fire litter is all grown up!

Lourdes, VT said...

How much fun are those dogs (and mushers)having!
Happy learning pups!