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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Throwback Thursdays

The SP Kennel Dog Log has been in existence since February 2007 and it is very close to reaching the "2000 posts" milestone. Since that time we have posted hundreds of videos, photos and stories and we'd like to revisit some of them and share them with you regularly throughout the season. We'll post stories, informational videos and other fun and interesting stuff.

For those of you who have not been following us since then it will give you an opportunity to fill in some pieces of the puzzle or simply give you some background information about your favourite dogs (and their parents!) For those that have been supporting us since that time we hope you enjoy these trips down memory lane.

If you take a look down the left hand side of the blog you will see links to post and video archives so you can go exploring yourself when you have the time.

Our first Throwback Thursday (TBT) is from February 26, 2007; just a few days before the Iditarod. Kaz posted about "The Top Eighteen" dogs in the running for Aliy's team. See how many names you recognise here!

The Top Eighteen

Well, time is just flying by. Iditarod is less than a week away. Soon the family will be heading to Alaska and we will be packing up the dogs and heading down to Anchorage. So who are we bringing? That is a good question. Let’s start with Aliy’s “A-Team”. Many of the dogs were on Aliy’s team last year and most of those and a few others were on Allen’s Championship Copper Basin Team. Here they are – the 2007 Iditarod Team.
1. ChaCha (5yrs) – Main Leader. Iditarod: ’06, ’05, ’04. In ’07, CB300 & T200.
2. Venus (5yrs) – Main Leader. Iditarod: ’06, ’05. In ’07, CB300 & T200.
3. Pingo (8yrs) – Main Leader. Iditarod: ’06, ’05, ’04, ’03, ’02, ‘01. Yukon Quest ’00. In ’07, CB300 & T200.
4. Teddy (5yrs) – Team Dog. Iditarod: ’06, ’05, ’04. In ’07, CB300 & T200.
5. Skittles (3yrs) –Leader/ Team. Iditarod: ’06. In ’07, CB300 & T200.
6. Butterscotch (3yrs) –Leader/ Team. Iditarod: Rookie. In ’07, CB300 & T200.
7. Reeses (3yrs) –Leader/ Team. Iditarod: Rookie. In ’07, Kusko 300 & T100.
8. Manhattan (5yrs) – Leader / Wheel. Iditarod: ’06, ’05, ’04. In ’07, CB300 & T200.
9. Hoss (4yrs) – Leader / Team. Iditarod: ’06. In ’07, CB300 & T200
10. Oddball (4yrs) – Team Dog. Iditarod: ’06, ‘05. In ’07, CB300 & T200
11. Tony (4yrs) – Team Dog. Iditarod: Rookie. In ’07, CB300 & T200
12. Heeeler (3 yrs) – Leader / Team. Iditarod: Rookie. In ’07, CB300
13. Bullet (4yrs) – Leader / Team. Iditarod: ’06. In ’07, Kusko 300 & T100
14. Pepper (4yrs) – Leader / Team. Iditarod: ’05. In ’07, Kusko 300 & T100
15. Sparky (4yrs) – Leader / Team. Iditarod: ’06. In ’07, Kusko 300 & T100
16. ROSEmary (2yrs) – Leader / Team. Iditarod: Rookie. In ’07, Kusko 300 & T100
17. Kingston (4yrs) – Team Dog. Iditarod: ’06. In ’07, T200 (Dean Osmar Dog)
18. Hawke (4yrs) – Team Dog. Iditarod: ’06. In ’07, T200 (Dean Osmar Dog)

The dogs ran their last long run yesterday. The next couple of days will really begin to show who Aliy will take this year on her trek to Nome. It is an exciting time at the kennel. So much to do.

Thursday night Aliy will draw her race number. We will let you know where she and Allen will be starting.

Thanks for all your support.


NOTE: the final make-up of the teams were:

Aliy’s team was Hoss, Heeler, Venus, ChaCha, Butterscotch, Oddball, Skittles, Manny, Kingston, Hawke, Tony, Teddy, Pingo, Bullet, Pepper and Sparky.

Allen’s team had Girlfriend, Doña, Blossom, Heidi, Reeses, KitKat, Snickers, Rolo, Petunia, Peterbuilt, nutMeg, Rose, Hera, Imac, Mouse and Betty.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That was a tough Iditarod (only the second one I followed online from back here in CT).

From my own brief notes, dogs died , DeeDee broke her pinkie, there was some controversy about #20 finisher as well as dog care.

According to these same records, SP Kennel Red Team finished with 7 dogs, all but one of the nine dropped having had triceps injuries.

Trail conditions 2007 photo (at Unk) looked a bit like last year - not much snow!

MB said...

Moira? Is that you? Does this mean you're back at SPK for another season? Here's hoping!

Dawn E said...

Awww, thanks for this. A closer look into the team I've fallen in love with!

SP Kennel Crew said...

Moira is still a HUGE part of the SP Kennel crew. She is still, however, in New Zealand. We hope that she will be able to come to Alaska for the racing season. Fingers crossed!

Nessmuk said...

Throwback Thursdays....very cool! Great past post to start with....YES, I recognize many names in that line up!! My boy Chemo's Mama Pepper! Hopefully he takes after his Mom!! And Venus....Momma of a real special litter of SPK Superstars! Quite the line up there...the future of some awesome Sled Dawg talent!!

Lourdes, VT said...

Wow, this is great! I recognize some names but the majority of them are new to me! I will start reading ALL the blogs from the very beginning to learn about all those beautiful pups!
You all love your dogs and mushing so much! Thank you for sharing with us!!! Quite a fun project for the upcoming months! :)