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Monday, September 1, 2014

First Day of Training!

It here. The temperature was 29 degrees this morning. I guess Mother Nature has decided to cooperate with us today.

The dogs are excited and the Mushers are excited. What a GREAT day to start training. The first team of the year is a mixture of young and old.

Pud is in lead with Scruggs. Pud is flying to New Hampshire next week for his retirement from SP Kennel so we thought it was only appropriate for him to step in and run as the primary leader on the first team of the season. Why not go out in style?

In swing is Dingle and Nacho. Both Rock Star solid SP dogs.

The next two dogs are very young. Cayenne and Champ turn one year old on September 7th. This was a big day for them and they were happy to be a part of it. Each of these youngsters is attached to the mainline with both a tug line and a neck line. They are running by themselves so that they don't get confused with a partner. This is necessary on the first few runs so that they get the "forward" concept from the beginning. As you can see by 1/4 mile down the trail… they got it! (Of course, Aliy did run in front and beside them for just a little ways!)

Puppet and Woody are next in the team. They are a nice solid, long legged pair.

Nelson is in wheel by himself. His twirling and crazy nature hasn't seemed to let up through the summer -- thank goodness!

Here we go!


Dawn E said...

And they'rrrrrrrreeeeeeeee off! Woo hoo woof woof

MG said...

Awesome. Thank you. Looking forward to a GREAT Season.

Christine Richardson said...

What a fun video! Pud and Scruggs did a great job and boy has Cayenne grown but still full of attitude. Its going to be a fun year for you with those youngsters.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Aliy!
I could watch this all day. Many changes to the layout of the dog yard. Cant wait to see what and who's next up.
Mush on lil doggies and SP Kennel.
padee santa rosa ca

Linda Toth said...

Woody is such a big fella - nice to see that litter grow up and become dependable members of the team. Puppet looks glad to be on the line, but that Nacho seems to think he needs more camera time (or near you, more like - since that is where the action is)

Nessmuk said...

I have been thinking all day "wonder if SPK is harnessed up and going!" YES you are! How exciting!! I love seeing the youngsters getting into the routine, as well as the seasoned dogs like Pud.....you did good Mr. Pud,,,,safe travels to NH! You will soon be a neighbor to me here in the Adirondacks! Good Dawg!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome - and the best to Pud!!!

Melissa Krahmer said...

Good boy, Nelson!

I notice that some dogs live on a platform. Is that because they are diggers? Or rock eaters?

Anonymous said...

What fun!!! Go pups, go Nacho!!! And isn't Woody a hunk!

Thanks so very much for this Labor Day video!

And I second the thought that Pud, one of ChaCha's first litter, has found a home in the Northeast! Pud probably understands that his Red Team musher hails from NH!!!


Lynne D said...

Cayenne and Champ sure look like their mom! It is so fun to see them run with the big dogs! Thank you for the update.

marilyn cozzens said...

What a great start to the fall training. Good job Pud. Enjoy your retirement in NH. Champ & Cayenne have grown & look great in the run. Have waited all day to see this. Thanks so much for the video & post.

Lourdes, VT said...

What a good day at SP Kennel and also for all of us!!! The excitement at your end is so intense and happy and contagious that, I felt like I was right there with you!!!
Good luck Pud!!! We are going to miss you, but I'm sure your Mom and Dad placed you in an awesome home!!!
Looking forward to more updates of the training season!!!
Thank you for bringing the excitement to us!!!' ❤️

Tom, Cindy & Hoss said...

Send some of that cool weather here...93+F in PA., says Hoss. Have a great season!

Fay Wenger said...

Warmed my heart - thank you! They are beautiful athletes.

A-town's Becky said...

Cayenne and Champ might be a little confused about what "line out" means, but there is no doubt they understand "HIKE." Woohoo!
Enjoy the cool training.

Heidi Phillips said...

Thanks for the video Aliy! all the pups look happy and ready to go. Best wishes to Pud in his new adventure called retirement. Woody sure does look more and more handsome :)


Leanna said...

Its great to see the excitement in the dogs... and Aliy!