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Monday, September 22, 2014

Cayenne and Champ

The youngest dogs in training have just turned one year old: Cayenne and Champ. They have coloration and body structure similar to their Mother, Nutmeg. But their spunk and 'get up and go' is from their Father, Nacho. These two yearlings are about 2 months younger than the Fire Litter.

Cayenne is smaller and racy. She is super confident around other dogs. She was nervous at the first introduction of a harness. Moira even had to carry her as a 'lap dog' for a short distance. But, Cayenne's comfort level in harness is now perfect - she'll even put her head up when we approach her with a harness. We are VERY excited about this Gal.

Champ is tall and leggy. He is a talker and will scream and howl with excitement. Champ had no hesitation when first introduced to a harness. His only original issues was an 'oral fixation' with the main line. Dogs are not allowed to chew but he learned his manners rather quickly. Champ pulls extremely hard in harness so we will have to work on pacing him as the season continues. So far Champ looks fantastic.

Allen grabs Cayenne to bring her to the team; Aliy harnesses Champ


Anonymous said...

Woah!!! Did I read that right... Moira is arrived!!!????

Awesome report on Spicey-Nacho kids!!!

Thanks so very much, sincerely,


marilyn cozzens said...

Cayenne & Champ, two more budding SPK stars, they both look fantastic.
What well mannered yearlings you have! Thanks so much for post & update on Nutmeg's youngsters. Keep up those training miles Champ & Cayenne.

Lynne D said...

Woohoo - the yearlings look great. Cayenne sure looks like her mom and auntie Rose! Thank you.

Lourdes, VT said...

Beautiful dogs!!! What a great and entertaining life they have!!! Learning new and fun things all the time!
So glad Moira is around and will be part of the SP Team this season! Welcome back Moira!

Mom in PA said...

I would expect nothing less from my Nacho's offspring!

Nessmuk said...

Those 2 pups are going to grow up to be SPK Legends I'm sure!! So exciting to see both of last years litters grow into such gorgeous young adults!! I am SO looking forward to the upcoming season...including all the training videos, pictures and posts leading up to the first race of the season!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the lovely photos!

Just in terms of the math, the Class of 2013 actually constitutes a whole team in and of itself (for the CB300 in perhaps 2016 or 2017, and some other mid-distance races).

Chilly Fairbanks said...

Thanks for the great posts-I'm sure you guys are getting very busy.