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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Thank you Chenega!

Chenega Native Corporation has sold the Clarion Suites in Downtown Anchorage. As many people know, Clarion Suites has been SP Kennel's home away from home for many years. We are greatly appreciative to Chenega for the many years that our dogs, mushers, handlers, family and fans all stayed at Clarion Suites. We were treated like royalty.

Aliy stands underneath the "Aliy Hotel Banner"; SP Kennel dog truck sits in its reserved parking space in front of Clarion Suites

We have met so many great people through our relationship with Chenega that we have come out far ahead. Our business relationships have turned into life-long personal friendships.

Linda Steiner ~ Director or Sales and Marketing; Barbara Swenson ~ General Manager

Aliy and one of her best buddies; Allen, Aliy and Ranger at a hotel sponsored event

Clarion Suites team with Scruggs before the start of the 2013 Iditarod

Charlotte, Aliy and Dingle at a downtown event; Aliy carried a laminated photo of the Clarion Suites team in her Iditarod sled every year

Thank you Chenega! And thank you to the dedicated staff and personnel of the Clarion Suites Downtown Anchorage.


Anonymous said...

Great memories, great people - hope the hotel will continue to be dog friendly!!!

Anonymous said...

So sad - but then, things are always changing...

Poignant pix - especially for Scruggs, the staff mascot - and Dingle looks sad, as does Ranger.

But in a way, change is what keeps us all on our toes (18 per team member - 10 front on paws and 8 rear minus dew claw, according to Wikipedia???).

Thanks for having shared your memories, and best to staff,


Lourdes, VT said...

Many long lasting friendships!!!Hope the new owners will be dog friendly as well! :) :) :)

Linda Toth said...

Where to now? Is Chenega invested in a new hotel venture?

Nessmuk said...

They have been such great hosts to SPK over the years....always made me feel good to know everyone was getting a good nights sleep before heading out onto the trail! Thank you Chenega for taking such good care of our SPK Team!!

marilyn cozzens said...

Great photos & ditto to above comments. What great relationships and memories you have. Change is often necessary. Good luck in securing another place in Anchorage that is super dog friendly.

Anonymous said...

Just found this story about pet friendly hotels:


in case you didn't know - I didn't - this is the, pardon my choice of words - the poop on this topic!