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Monday, August 25, 2014

Puppy Portraits

The pups will be 6 weeks old tomorrow! To celebrate their birthday and a beautiful late summer day in Two Rivers, Doug and I took the fivesome for a romp in the field. Their personalities are developing. Scooby just loves everybody and everything. Rodney is an instigator. Ginger is Ms. Independent. Ernie is mellow. Five seems pensive.

These pups are just so wiggly. With much trial and error, we did get puppy portraits to document this 6 week milestone and hopefully show a bit of their individualism.

Scooby, the social butterfly.

Rodney, the instigator, tries to look innocent.

Ginger, the Adventurer.

Mellow fellow, Ernie. Almost a twin to Five, below.
Five, the Thinker. His all black nose and longer guard hairs distinguish him from Ernie.

Hope you enjoy. We sure had fun running around the field with them.
Kennel Mom


Dawn E said...

Precious little ones. So beautiful!

Anonymous said...


Thanks so very much for these lovely baby portraits of the FIVE Litter.

They look like determined little individuals - but principally, they look content ("Life is good, six weeks on" Ernie might be thinking).

Again, much gratitude, sincerely,


Anonymous said...

Woof, woof!!!


Lourdes, VT said...

Those puppies are more than adorable! Their faces are so lively and they are sooooo cuddly!!! Absolutely beautiful!!!

A-town's Becky said...

They are all absolutely gorgeous!
Five is quite the little fuzz ball, and it looks like Scooby knows how cute he is.

Anna de Wit said...

They are just adorable and I think Ginger is a future lead dog. Happy days for them.

Rainy Fairbanks said...

I have been hoping for these.

marilyn cozzens said...

What cute adorable puppies. Each one more adorable than the other. It is great to see then growing & so happy. Thanks so much for the pictures & the post.

Jo Anne Wilson said...

Love them!

Anonymous said...

They are just adorable! Thanks for sharing their birthday pictures.

Nessmuk said...

How cute are they!! Thanks for the black nose versus pink nose ID tip!! Got to point out these differences for future "I think that was Five...or maybe it was Ernie" photo guesses in future races! They are so precious....wonder who will have floppy versus upright ears.....time will tell!

Cal OSME said...

So happy to see these. I've been partial to Five all along and I'm keeping it that way. A thinker, eh? Still waters run deep, they say! Thanks again for posting the pics!

Charlene K.
Erie, PA

Leanna said...

Sweet faces for such fighters!