It's a week of Birthdays!

This week we celebrate quite a few birthdays here at SP Kennel.

The Car Litter turned 7 years old on the 10th of August. We took the siblings; Beemer, Olivia, Rambler, Scout and Viper; for a celebratory walk on their birthday morning. Honda is in Oregon, Hummer is in Fairbanks, Malibu is in Anchorage and Ranger is just down the road.

Beemer shares a secret with Allen at the Iditarod Start 2014; The Car Litter snuggles (plus Tug and Cutter)

The Honky-tonk Litter won't be outdone because they celebrate NUMBER SIX on the 15th of the month. Boondocks, Lester, Scruggs, Willie and Waylon (Hank is in Texas and Bubba went to Canada years ago.)

Boondocks and Aliy pre Iditarod 2014; The Honkey-tonks first race ever. On the Truck (L-R) Hank, Boondocks, Scruggs, Bubba, Hummer (one year older), Waylon (even wearing a jacket then!), Lester (you can see his buttocks)

At the end of the week, August 17th, the Latino Litter hits the "Big One" - 3 years old! They are no longer youngsters. All five siblings are here at the kennel: Felix, Izzy, Mismo, Nelson and Pepe. They have been loud and obnoxious about their upcoming celebration all week long. (Okay… they just might be loud and obnoxious all the time.)

Izzy thinks that since she's half the size of Mismo, she should get twice the birthday snacks as he gets. Nelson has quipped "You bought me the best present, right? Me. I deserve the best present. You know that, right?" Pepe just keeps jumping in the air - all four feet at a time! Felix can't stop insisting about the flavor of the cake frosting "It's gotta be salmon, Red salmon! Not Pink. Not silver. Red salmon!" He seems to be getting a little pushy. Mismo just looks from one sibling to another… "Izzy, you're full of it! Yup, Felix… you're right Red is best! Wait a minute Nelson how was your Iditarod this year… that's right you didn't go! Gosh Pepe… you can really catch some air!"

Mismo and Felix leave the Iditarod starting line 2014; They were quite a handful!

Quiet, reserved and usually very PC, Tug Boat, shares her birthday with the Latinos, although she turns 7 years old. She is always such a sweetheart and a joy to be around, we were surprised when she said "Please don't put me in the Play Pen with those Loco kids!" So, Tug will get her own birthday biscuit.

Happy Birthday to them all!