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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Healthy Futures

All of us at SP Kennel are thankful for the tremendous community support we receive from people around the world and especially, Alaskans. This year, Aliy is trying to ‘give back’ to some Alaskan communities.

Since, Aliy considers personal health and fitness a number one priority, it only makes sense that she has become a public advocate and official spokesperson for the Healthy Futures Challenge and the state of Alaska’s Play Every Day campaign.

Aliy recording PSAs in studio; Aliy models the “Get out and Play!” t-shirt (Love the Red!)

Healthy Futures is an Alaskan health and fitness program that was started many years ago by Bonny Sosa. The program empowers Alaska’s youth to build the habit of daily physical activity. The state of Alaska’s Play Every Day campaign is a partner with Healthy Futures and the state-wide outreach continues to grow. Healthy Futures is in almost 200 Alaskan schools (including Two Rivers). The Challenge program begins when school starts in September.

Earlier this week Aliy was in Anchorage filming inspirational and educational videos. These fun clips were produced to motivate kids to sign up for the upcoming Challenge and stick with the it until the finish line!

Aliy was trying to convince the dogs that a “couch life” is only good in moderation; Aliy and the kids practiced their lines for the Healthy Futures video.

So... kids, adults and dogs: “Get out and play! Every day!”

‘Healthy Futures’ website is HERE.
‘Get out and Play!’ website is HERE.


Harry & Diana W. in Colorado said...

Aliy, my wife and I were just discussing that the attitude you exhibit in giving back to your fans and the community (in addition to your dog mushing skills) is what makes us supportive of you, Alan and your kennel.

Keep it up, your efforts are appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing!

I especially liked the pictures of Aliy's pep talk to the assembled 4-legged Alaskans!

Anonymous said...

Aliy, you're doing the right things to help make this a better world.

Ditto to the first post in this thread!!!


Nessmuk said...

This is such a great message to send to kids....I couldn't think of a better public advocate to get kids motivated....you ARE the picture of fun and adventure in the great outdoors!!

Lourdes, VT said...

What a kind and positive gift you are sharing with the community, Aliy! Your life as a musher is a good example to the world, in and of itself!!! And now, you are reaching out even more than that!!! You are a wonderful role model for children and adults as well!!! Many congratulations!!!!

Love the red t-shirt and the blue water bottles! They should have the SP Kennel logo on them. And also love the picture of you and the community dogs🐾🐾 There is a Golden Retriever in it!!! He/she looks like my own Golden 😃🐶🐾

A-town's Becky said...

Go Aliy!
You are an excellent role model.

Anonymous said...

Love the pic of Aliy explaining the smell of a healthy choice food to the "class" of 4 dogs.

The alternate caption for this one might be "So that's what it smells like!"

marilyn cozzens said...

What a great message to convey to everyone. Great job Aliy. Love the picture of the Red shirt & Golden Retriever! Thanks for posting.