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Monday, July 21, 2014

Happy One Year Old Birthday, Fire Litter!

We still think of the Fire Litter as puppies, but truth be told.. they are not! Olivia and Nacho’s eleven puppies graduate to the SP Kennel Yearling Class this week.

We took photographs of the kids earlier this week. Out of the 556 pictures we took, we hope that we got 11 good ones! We'll let you decide.

Glamour shot of Amber at 3 months; Amber at 1 year.

Glamour shot of Chena at 3 months; Chena at 1 year.

Glamour shot of Coal at 3 months; Coal at 1 year.

Glamour shot of Commando at 3 months; Commando at 1 year.

Glamour shot of Daisy at 3 months; Daisy at 1 year.

Glamour shot of Hotshot at 3 months; Hotshot at 1 year.

Glamour shot of Nomex at 3 months; Nomex at 1 year.

Glamour shot of Spark at 3 months; Spark at 1 year.

Glamour shot of Tinder at 3 months; Tinder at 1 year.

Glamour shot of Torch at 3 months; Torch at 1 year.

Glamour shot of Violet at 3 months; Violet at 1 year.

If you want to see the litter at 6 Months then check out this post:


Anonymous said...

Aliy! thanks for taking the time to post these excellent photo comparison shots. Amazing they are so grown up. My how things are so different as well at the kennel. Great posts this summer. Hugs to Chipper and the golf club litter too.
Padee Santa Rosa CA

A-town's Becky said...

They have all grown into such beautiful confident looking young adults!
What a gorgeous team of yearlings.

Fantastic Pics!

Anonymous said...

Wow! They have grown up into beatiful young dogs. Happy Birthday!

(I'm from Germany so my english is not the best)

Nessmuk said...

OMG they are gorgeous!! A perfect combo of Olivia and Nacho!! I can't wait to see them working in harness this year!! How time flies....before ya know it they are all grown up and heading down the race trail! Happy Birthday Fire Litter!!

Lisa B said...

Happy Birthday fire pups! All of them are gorgeous, but I admit my partiality towards the blue eyed ones. What's most interesting is to see how many had their ears pop up, although Hotshot's and Violet's ears look like they actually go more "floppy". Thanks for the yearling update.

Dawn E said...

Absolutely beautiful...everyone with their own characteristics shining through!

Lourdes, VT said...

OMG!!! How big those pups are!!! They were beautiful at 3 months, and still beautiful, healthy and spunky at a year old!!!
Awesome, Thanks for the post!!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the pups who look more like Olivia got her blue eyes. None of the more Nacho-looking pups got blue eyes. Wonder how those marking/eye color genes are associated. Doesn't really matter they're all gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday fire litter! They are beautiful as adults and still have the individual markings they had as pups.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, FIRE Litter!!!

And thanks so much for these lovely records for their beginning, middle and ultimate portraits...as they progress to the "Yearling" status and begin their racing careers!!!



marilyn cozzens said...

Happy Birthday Fire Litter! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you all on your birthday. You are all such fabulous looking dogs. But TINDER is so special. Thanks so much Aliy for posting the comparison shots. And a great big thank you to you and Allen for a fabulous time at the kennel.

marilyn cozzens said...

Happy birthday Fire litter. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing you on your birthday. You are such fabulous looking dogs. But TINDER is awesome. Thanks Aliy for posting the comparison photos. And thanks so much Aliy and Allen for such a fabulous visit to the kennel. You guys are the best.

Rainy Fairbanks said...

So cute. Thanks for the smile!

tonia said...

Happy birthday Big-O and beautiful puppies. We wish we there to give pats fom Tonia and Herb !