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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Dogs of the Day

There are three dog house spots adjacent to Aliy and Allen’s house. Anyone who visits must walk within ‘petting’ distance of these dogs. During the winter, these spots are reserved for dogs who need special attention: puppies, retired dogs or indoor pooches. But during the summer months, when the racing dogs aren’t being harnessed, trained and coached everyday, everyone needs a little extra TLC.

The dogs at these spots are termed “Dogs of the Day” and all of the dogs at the kennel rotate through. Sometimes they stay for just a few days or even a week. Dogs enjoy the proximity to the biscuit bucket, frequent treats from humans walking by or full blown conversations with folks sitting on the deck.

Dogs of the Day: 
(L - R) Rambler in the shade of his house, Daisy's buttocks and Commando.

We mix and match the dogs in these coveted spots. For instance, Biscuit and Olivia know each other quite well because they are often on the same team while training or racing. But their houses in the dog yard are 100 feet apart so they don’t visit much during the summer months. Last week, while in the ‘Dogs of the Day’ spots, Biscuit and Olivia spent time as neighbors and even playmates. Spark was the third ‘Dog of the Day’ last week and got plenty of loving from all the visiting humans as well as his mom, Olivia. Early this week, we selected two Fire puppies: Violet and Commando and their first cousin, Iron, as “Dogs of the Day”. Currently, Commando is still DOD, but Violet was replaced by her sister, Daisy, and Rambler needs a bath, so he moved up front too.


Dawn E said...

Last year's puppies are so darn big already!!!

connie said...

This is the first time i saw your place. BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks for sharing your videos and pictures!

marilyn cozzens said...

What a wonderful concept--Dog of the Day! The dogs must love all the extra attention. So did Rambler get his bath yet? How often do you have to refill the biscuit bucket? Thanks for the post.

Lourdes, VT said...

That is such a good practice!!! I'm sure the dogs love it!!! You guys are such good parents!!!😃😀

Anonymous said...

Woof, woof, woof!!!

Biscuit and Olivia must have enjoyed sharing stories from the trail - and Spark was most likely star struck!!!

What a lovely idea ("Dog of the Day"), so creative!!!


MBB said...

Wow, when did you get the grass?
Nice layout!

Nessmuk said...

What a great concept.....DOD!! Leave to to SPK to figure a fair way to spread the love and attention! That's why you are so very awesome!! Never thought bout the distance between Team mates....it's probably like a reunion of sorts for the dawg when they get together at the DOD digs!