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Friday, July 18, 2014

Chica Pups: Day Two

Day Two Pupdate is that everyone is healthy and growing. When they were born we took birth weights. Every pup weighed between 13 and 17 ounces. By day two, all of the pups had gained between 1 and 3 ounces. Chica is nursing the 9 pups on 10 teats, so there is no need for human intervention.

We let Momma and her youngsters have some alone time after the birth day. But during day two we spent a great deal of time with the family and took quite a few photos. Newborn portraits will be posted soon. But, some of the best shots are the 'outtakes'.

Chica and Aliy look through the pups individually.

A little wave from SP Kennel; Snuggling up with Momma

Chica and a her little 'look alike' son have a moment just before his portrait session.

All photos by Barbara Swenson.


Anonymous said...

Very impressive -- and just think, in a few years an entire SPK team could come from only this litter and last year's fire litter. In fact, I would be curious which gene line is sharing the trait for "large litters."



Lynne D said...

She appears to be a very involved momma! Can't wait for picture of the new troop - any theme yet?

Anonymous said...

Soooo adorable...

Can't wait for the formal portraits!

Great "outtakes" indeed!!! Thanks so much!


marilyn cozzens said...

Chica is certainly keeping her eyes and attention focused on her puppies. What a good mother. I love the little wave! All the puppies are adorable, but Chica's look alike son is especially so. Thanks so much. Looking forward to more pictures.

Nessmuk said...

How adorable!! I'm in love with the litter already!!! Chica is such a good Momma.....so intense with her attention to the pups! Glad to hear all is well in SPK Puppy Land! Thanks for PupDate!!

JCW said...

Awe...so cute. Thanks for posting the pictures

Dawn E said...


Lourdes, VT said...

Oh,man!, this is such a great post ! Chica looks so sweet and eager to look after her babies!!! Mothers in Nature are the very best!!! So loving and giving! God bless you Chica!
The pups look so tiny and beautiful!!!

A-town's Becky said...

Aw, such a beautiful Momma Chica!
She looks so proud of her absolutely adorable litter.

Chica has a mini-me, is that "Special?"

The fair one, like Papa Clyde, would that be "Lightspeed?"

Can't wait so see who is full of "Energy."

Thanks for sharing such tender early moments. They are perfect!!!

Anonymous said...

The blonde one waving looks like his father, Clyde.

kellerfrau said...

This must be the World Cup litter!

And we have

Neuer, Hummels, Schweinsteiger (Schweini), Podolski (Poldi), Mueller, Klose, Oezil, Goetze and Schuerrle


Heidi Phillips said...

Congrats to Momma Chica and Pappa Clyde!!!! They have some beautiful healthy looking babies.


Barb, CO said...

Wonderful, new life. Thank you for these pupdates. They make me smile. Puppies are surely a gift from the heavens.

patricia lewis said...

Look at how Chica is looking at Aliy...a combination of pride, caution and trust. I really love that photo. Thanks for sharing.

Linda Toth said...

nose touch to be sure he is all right