Thursday, March 27, 2014

PDW: Fortymile Update and Start Video

Meghan and the R&Bs have rested at the first checkpoint, Fortymile (which is actually almost fifty miles from Dawson) and are now on their way to Eagle. They spent about two hours there although I don't have any official checkpoint in and out times yet.

According to the tracker they are sitting in 9th position currently. They will see out their mandatory six hour layover in Eagle where they also make up their time differential from the staggered start.

Thanks to Josh's multi-tasking abilities we have some pics and video from the start. Josh said the dogs were mellow and focused until teams started leaving and then they got a little excited! In a last minute change Meghan led off with Clyde and Scruggs.

Josh now has to sit tight until the end of the race; the checkpoints are not on the winter road system and handlers are not able to get to Fortymile or Eagle.

L-R: Mac, Outlaw, Izzy and Biscuit ready to start; Meghan booties Mac


Julie said...

Great video, thank you!

Cal OSME said...

So good to see the dogs again! Good luck to the team!

Charlene & Lisa
Erie, PA

Anonymous said...

Go Clyde, you handsome dawg!

JudyGee said...

Loved this...especially the live close-up of the dogs! Thanks for helping me alleviate some of my Iditarod withdrawal. Safe journey to Meghan and her team mates.

Lisa B said...

Mac is so laid back and just takes everything in with an expression of "why are they all wasting their energy barking, don't they know there's pulling to do in a little bit". Loved the photos and video. Go R&B! Go Meghan! Thanks for the update Josh.

Anonymous said...

Thanks soooo much for this extra, unexpected video!!!

Woof, woof, woof!!!

Go R&B!!!

Lourdes, VT said...

Thank you guys for this post which, answered my question.

I'm so sorry Josh for not remembering your name... I'm not very good with names!!!!
Those dogs of yours are so very dear and sweet and such wonderful athletes!!!
Quite a great and unike race.
Good luck, Meghan, SP Kennel dear dogs and Josh.
Thanks so much for the update. Looking forward to the next one!!!!

Dawn E said...

Woohoo! Go team go!!! I've made that trek from Dawson to a Holland America yacht on an cruise excursion...but what a beautiful trip!

Anonymous said...

Is that Beemer she is hugging? What an incredibly sweet moment.
Go Dawgs Go!

Nessmuk said...

That was a great video.....Mac is so "cool dude " about the race build up! Gotta love the big ole hug Beemer can tell Meghan really loves these dawgs!

Barb, CO said...

Love those doggie kisses and I can tell they like a snuggle too. Good Dogs! Go Go. Go Meghan.

A-town's Becky said...

If Clyde and Scruggs are still leading, it appears they are doing an excellent job listening to Meghan.
And perhaps Mac passed on the "Let's Get it Started" howl, so he could growl his cheers on the trail.
What ever the case the team looks to be holding a nice steady pace.
Good job Meghan and R&B!

A-town's Becky said...

Josh, I forgot to say....
Thank you for the multi-tasking, excellent video and pics.

Meghan, wow, again, WOW...
It appears, at the halfway, the only mushers ahead of Meghan, beside Amanda, have already all placed in the top three multiple times in this race.

Meghan, you must be learning fast from your mentors!

Anonymous said...

Fly like the wind R&B!!!

Go Meghan!!! Go R&B!!!

Do Mommy ChaCha proud, Clyde and Outlaw!!!