Sunday, March 9, 2014

ID: News from Anchorage

Hi SP Fans! This is Kennel Mom checking in. As of Saturday at noon I was the last SP Family Member in Anchorage. I am fortunate to be able to make the Clarion Suites my headquarters as I wait for dropped dogs to be transported here from the Iditarod Trail. Then I can arrange for their transfer to a 'home away from home' at Margie's beautiful kennel in Wasilla.

I am pleased to report that Dingle and Tatfish were happily playing in Margie's yard by about 5 PM yesterday. Both dogs were dropped for sore shoulders and both were fine by the time I collected them from the Iditarod vets. Tatfish and Scooter were so happy to see each other that they never stopped romping together the whole time I was there. Scout looks great and seems about ready to run another race! They thrive at Margie's.

Then today, Sunday, in the afternoon, Boris was individually chauffeured to Margie's. He is such a mellow guy and truly enjoyed sightseeing out the back window of a Subaru wagon.

Then, as a special surprise, Biscuit showed up in Anchorage on the evening flight from McGrath. He is currently enjoying a rest in our suite at the Clarion. He is the perfect evening companion - strong, handsome and silent. He will head out to Margie's tomorrow morning.

So now we only have Scruggs, Chemo and Schmoe to be returned to Anchorage. The Iditarod Dog Drop Office reported that all three are in McGrath and will likely be in Anchorage tomorrow. If they arrive after I depart for Nome (at 5 PM) our good friends the Miller Family (AKA Team Miller) will transport our SP racers out to Wasilla. Thanks, Millers, for many years of support.

Also, sincere thanks from SP to the the veterinarians, dog drop volunteers, pilots and Iditarod staff who diligently care for the health and safety of our canine racers. You are truly stars in this great endeavor, the Iditarod.


A-town's Becky said...

Aw, Biscuit, living the life.
You deserve it super dog!

Kennel Mom, thanks for the affectionate update.

Kristie Lent said...

So glad to hear everyone is doing well. I have pics of Sneezey. Isn't that one of Aliy's dogs? I was taking pics on Wednesday and I thought they said IG was one of hers?

Moosekahl said...

See ya on the flight! Nicolle :)

SP Kennel Crew said...

Hi Kristie, Sneezey is not an SP Kennel Dog. I don't know who he/she belong to.

A-town's Becky said...

Aliy vs Aliy

Aliy 2014 beats Aliy 2012 to Elim

by almost 16 hours!!!

Kennel Mom are you sure you're not leaving till 5pm?

Aliy 2014 went from Koyuk to Elim faster than 8 miles per hour!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Kennel Mom!!!

Love your description of Biscuit ("strong, handsome and silent")!!!


Lisa B said...

Kennel Mom and Aliy both racing to Nome! Don't want to worry you Mickey, but that awesome daughter of yours and her fantastic dogs might make it tight timing-wise. Go Aliy! Thanks for the Anchorage report on the dropped dogs and so nice that you're one of the first family faces to greet them!

Cal OSME said...

Hi from your new friends in Erie, Kennel Mom! We have been watching and praying for Aliy, Allen and all of the dogs. Coming down to the wire. We are so nervous, I can't imagine how you and Doug feel!

Cal OSME said...

Hi from your new friends in Erie, PA, Kennel Mom. Know that we are pulling hard for Aliy and have assembled a team of supporters since returning from Anchorage!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mickey! Long time no see but keep up with your blog. Wish I were in Nome, maybe next year. Love to your whole SP Kennel family!

NC Sue

marilyn cozzens said...

Thanks, Kennel Mom for the truly affectionate update on the dropped dogs. It is great they have such a wonderful place to go & be cared for until the race is finished. It is a close race to Nome for the humans as well as the teams. Go Aliy & team. Keep pushing onward Allen & young team. Keep to your plan Aliy, you can overtake Jeff King.