Wednesday, March 5, 2014

ID: Wednesday Evening Update - Good Reads

It's 10.00pm Alaska time.

Aliy and her 15 Red Team-mates left Takotna after their mandatory 24 hour rest plus the two hours for time differential. They left right on time at 9.06pm this evening. The Insider video shows that she's had a bit of a shuffle around on the line. Quito is still in single lead and it looks like Chica and Nacho in swing, Willie with Waylon, Scruggs and Clyde, Pud and Chemo, Olivia and Boondocks, Mac and Sissy with Biscuit and Schmoe still in wheel (I think). Quito will be revelling in this role, she loves to be the one in control and she doesn't seem to feel the pressure that some others do when in the same position for so long.

The video shows a fabulous SP howl as they are lined up ready! That means they are all feeling great and are ready to get on the trial. Another thing we noted was a number of them are wearing wind jackets which means the temperatures have dropped a little out there - good news.

Their next checkpoint is Ophir about 23 miles away then 73 miles after that is Cripple. Don Bowers' trail notes on the Iditarod website describes Ophir as "your last vestige of civilization for a very long while. The trip from here to Cripple and on to Ruby is arguably the longest, emptiest, loneliest stretch of trail on the race, and the checkpoint at Cripple is basically nothing but tent camps in otherwise uninhabited locations."

Allen and his Black Team are still resting. Their time differential is 102 minutes so we can expect them to leave at 9.01am tomorrow morning (if my calculations are correct). I spied one picture on one of Sebastian's blogs of Tug resting peacefully.

If you are looking for something to watch or read this evening check out the following articles:

Late last year we had a visit from Tara Young from the Alaska Dispatch who came to the kennel, shot some video and interviewed Aliy and Allen. She has turned that in to part of the fantastic "Voices from the last great race" musher profile series.

Click the pic below to link you through to the first of these video interviews where Aliy talks about being a top female musher.

Click here for another story featuring Aliy talking about the dedication and enthusiasm of the dogs.

Also, recently did an interview with Aliy and in case you missed it, here is the link to that story (click the photo below).

As just so you know, Aliy and Allen don't get all the press! Here's part of the Anchorage Daily News' "Meet the Sled Dogs" series. Beemer is a rock star!

And for those interested, here is Lieutenant from Paul Gebhardt's kennel - he is the Papa to Clyde on the Red Team and Outlaw on the Black Team. Their Momma is the legendary ChaCha, the lead dog at the centre of the picture above. Lieutenant is also the Papa of Puppet on the Black Team.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the fantastic links.
Sebastian referenced a video in one of his posts. It's on the I. I. featured video page. From Jeff King's Gopro going down Dalzell Gorge. The last 1/3 of the video is quite hairy. It gives us all an idea of what all the mushers had to deal with, and puts the emphasis on how important a lead dog, like golden harness winner, QUITO, who listens to the musher is so important.

AK Michele RN said...

Thanks for the great UPDATE! Previously read BOTH the articles (ESPN and Beemer ~ Meet the Sled Dogs).

Love this one by Sebastian ;)
"OK, there it is. A definitive move to the front, backed up with speed, and Aliy announces that she now controls Iditarod 2014."

Goooo ALIY you can DO IT! There are no Seavey's in your way today!

Anonymous said...

OK you are back on the trail YEAH! Pulling for you Ailey. I have been watching and was still up looking for your departure. You go you are averaging 11.50 mph. The fastest out there at this point. Go take the lead back the Red Team can do it sure wish I was there but I am enjoying riding along with you. I have my hopes and support with you and only watching other teams compared to you and then pulling for you. As I watch other cars at NASCAR compared to my choice car(s). Have a great night thoughts be with you and the team! Got my guys here with me telling them about you all! Be safe blessing go with you! Ron in AZ

Nessmuk said...

I LOVE the howl as they took off from Takotna! They are moving nice on the tracker too! She still has 15 strong glad to see Chemo boy still in the mix!! Watch the shoulder buddy.....don't overdue it! I hear the temps are well below zero! Stay safe and swift Red Team!

Judy Gee said...

Thank you soooo very much for your detailed log updates! We get so little, if any, Iditarod news here in Virginia, and I eagerly await your posts as well as those from the Iditarod Insider. I'm really pulling for Aily, Allen, and SP kennels.
May it continue to be a safe run for both teams, and oh, how I hope that this year Aliy is the first to cross under the burled arch!

Lourdes, VT said...

Of course Beemer is a Rock Star!!! he Rocks AND he is beautiful and smart as well! Go Beemer!
Great article on Aliy!!! I' hoping so much that she wins big this year!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this post with its awesome links!

So cute that it seems as if Waylon suggested that Poquita do a quick howl - and like the great leader that she is, she complied!!!

Woof, woof, woof!!!


SAY said...

Wonderful links. Aliy & Allen are not only great mushers, but their dog care and the research they participate in have elevated the entire sport. God Speed.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aliy, How did the night go? Hope the trail was good to you and that you are moving back up the leader ladder. Sending you blessings, prayers and wishes of wonderful winning luck. Ron in AZ.

A-town's Becky said...

Time for an Aliy VS Aliy update….

Aliy’s run from Willow to Ophir was faster than 2012 and 2013. Normally we talk of shaving time off, when speeds improve. However, I think Aliy took an ax to her old times.
Aliy hacked off hours…
She improved by 3 hours and 45 minutes over 2013,
and improved by 6 hours 43 minutes over 2012.

If last night and this morning made anyone nervous….
Aliy and her Red Team just improved their run to Kaltag by over an hour and a half.

Yes Aliy 2014 is superb!

…can hardly wait to hear who’s still with Allen. I hate that I. I. only has video of the front runners.

marillyn cozzens said...

Thanks so much for such great updates. Go Aliy & Red Team.

A-town's Becky said...

Aliy VS Aliy,

My apologies for the BAD math earlier. I can make big mistakes when I'm sleep deprived, and I expect to be sleep deprived until Allen gets to Nome!!! :-)

Aliy 2014
beat herself from Willow to Ophir by
Aliy 2013, 1 hour and 45 minutes
Aliy 2012, 4 hours and 43 minutes.