ID: Tuesday Morning Update

It's 7.45am Alaska time.

Good morning! As I catch up with what's been going on overnight the first thing is that we are aware that Allen as dropped a dog from his team at Rohn. The same thing applies here as yesterday: we have no way to know what dog or why and we will bring you that information as soon as we can. We're anxious to know but with fewer pictures and videos of the teams further from the front we can't even take a guess at this point so we will have to be patient!

Aliy and the Red Team have just arrived in to Nikolai! Their run time from Rohn was 14 hours, 12 minutes. You will notice this is 2.5-3.5 hours longer than those ahead of her but from the analytics section of the tracker I can figure she stopped and camped for around 4.5-5 hours somewhere between Rohn and Nikolai. As I mentioned yesterday, both Aliy and Allen enjoy camping on the trail so this stop would have been planned. Seeing the videos from the others who arrived in to Nikolai before her it sounds like the trail was rough so we look forward to hearing from Aliy about that section.

Meanwhile Allen and the Black team are between Rohn and Nikolai. They left Rohn at 2.43am this morning after a just over six hour rest there. You can see now that Aliy and Allen are on different schedules as Aliy didn't stop in Rohn; with more rookies and inexperienced dogs Allen will be slowing the pace and resting longer.

With all this talk about the GPS trackers I thought you'd be interested in these pics I took on Sunday. Each musher is carrying two trackers, one fixed at the bottom of the sled, the other up near the handlebar. These trackers work together (somehow, please don't ask me how) to bring us the information we see on the screen. Here is some information from the Iditarod website about the trackers.

L-R: Ray helps officials attach the trackers to Aliy's sled; the trackers ready to go!