Tuesday, March 4, 2014

ID: Tuesday Afternoon Update

Its 12.30pm Alaska time.

Aliy has left Nikolai with 15 team mates on the line. We've just seen the Insider video of the Red Team coming in Nikolai and they look great! She had Waylon back up in lead with Quito, Chica with Nacho, Boondocks with Olivia then everyone else still in their same starting positions as they came in.

Take a look at this Anchorage Daily News article where Aliy described the trail - "No snow. Zip. Zero. None." Apparently her sled, brake and drag mat broke but she was able to fix them out on the trail. She said she "bit it a few times. More than a few times." and she told Joe Runyan that she hurt her hip on one of the falls. Edit: check out knom.org's interview with Aliy!

There certainly have been some horror stories come out from the Rohn to Nikolai run but as difficult as it was on mushers and sleds take a read of this snippet from Joe Runyan's report after talking with Nic Petit: He was quick to point out that the trail was good for DOGS, just not humans. With solid footing, the dogs were just as they were in the fall time training before the snow falls. ”Oh yeah, the dogs were having lots of fun. They love it because its not boring. The trail is changing all the time.”

Here is a photo from our fall training to give you an idea that the dogs know how to run low snow conditions. Obviously though, it is not the same as what they are facing out there. Note also that we ride 4-wheelers!

Fall training in Two Rivers

There's been some questions about hydrating the dogs in these conditions. The mushers will be carrying water and, listening to Martin Buser's and Hugh Neff's interviews, it sounds like there are areas of water (rivers, glacier etc) along the trail where they can stop to let the dogs drink and restock their supplies.

Looking at the tracker analytics it seems Allen and his team are have a stop-start time of it on this section. There are currently a few other mushers clustered around the same area and a quick check of their details shows it looks like they are a little stop-start also. We're not sure what's happening in that particular area so will keep an eye on the action.


Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see how Allen handles this tough piece of trail.

Ingrid said...

Great info and coverage, thank you so much.

Biggest cheers for the Red and Black teams.
Win this one, but do it safely,
Ingrid and Russ, Canada

Anonymous said...

OMG - Thank God Aliy & Allen are in excellant shape!

Lourdes, Vt said...

The race is getting to a point where all the mushers strategies are being implemented!!!
I trust Aliy that she's running a winner's race!!!
Of course, the love and care and hours and hours of training the dogs will shine thru!!!
Thank you much for this great update!!!!

marilyn cozzens said...

Thanks for the update. The trail sounds very scary. Please be safe.

A-town's Becky said...

Not sure...
but Aliy might have passed McGrath about 2 hours ahead of last year.
I bet they all wish they had their ATVs.
I'm also a little worried about Allen. I hope his doggies aren't too hard on him.
I hope everyone heals quickly.

Anonymous said...

Ron in AZ.
Watching with great interest!

Holly Freeman said...

As I read commentary on the Burn and many of the mushers scratching- DeeDee, Jim Lanier, Jake Berkowitz, Mike Santos...the injuries the mushers are getting..my prayers for safe passages. Sounds wicked out there in that stretch. I read Aliy said she was afraid at some points.
Glad she is in first place now...sounds brutal.