Thursday, March 6, 2014

ID: Thursday Evening Update

It's 9.30pm Alaska time.

Aliy and her Red Team are currently between Cripple and Ruby and they, once again, stopped for just over three hours on the trail. At the time of writing she has about 30 miles to go before getting in to Ruby.

In one of Sebastian's latest blogs he describes her as "Spiderwoman" as she is double ski-poling. You know she will be putting in every effort to help the team down the trail and likely won't stop poling until Front Street in Nome.

Aliy and Allen work very hard at their fitness and nutrition throughout the year and right here, right now, is where that starts to count.

Emily Schwing from KUAC radio in Fairbanks is following the race again this year and did a great story from Takotna checkpoint. In it she talks to Aliy, and others, about their schedules and about the temptation to alter their plans in response to other teams' schedules. Take a listen (click here for the link).

Allen and his Black Team are about 40 miles from Cripple. A quick check of their tracker analytics show they camped on the trail for about 4.5 hours.

The Anchorage Daily News interviewed Allen at Takotna after Aliy left last night. It's an interesting read. When we opened the link we were faced with this gorgeous picture of Mismo (left) and Felix singing! Meghan and I both simultaneously went "awwwwwww"! It looks like Puppet is joining in in the background too. Click on the picture to link you to the Q&A with Allen.


A-town's Becky said...

Fantastic Links! Thank You!

Ruby is close to the half way point of the race, time for another…

Aliy VS Aliy update

Aliy 2014 has axed more time off her 2012 performance…
From Willow to Ruby (half way)…
Aliy 2014 surpassed Aliy 2012’s time by about 8 ½ hours.

I wasn’t going to mention the next part, but Allen did refer to it in the interview at Takotna, so….
I believe Aliy 2012 was about 11 hours short of the Iditarod record.

Imagine, if Aliy 2014 can ax another 3-5 hours off Aliy 2012’s time over the next 480 miles.

Whether she does or not, Aliy 2014 is superb!

Clearly, I’m not sleeping much, and I‘ve already warned about my sleep deprived math.

SPK Red team all the way to Nome!!!
Silly little tracker, night and day

Anonymous said...

OH YEAH! GREAT GOING ALIY! Back In The Lead out of Ruby. YAHOO! Semper FI! Give a hug to the team! That calls for celebration! Some in Ruby still have the 24 to do, Go Aliy, Go red Team! I am still here at the computer watching and listening to all the great posts and the blog and watching and puling for you. Going all the way with you! Also defending you on Facebook against some outlandish accusations by a uninformed person lacking education on the race (to be nice. Good luck and blessings up on the river. You can do it, Yes you can! Ron in Arizona.

Anonymous said...

Go Black Team!!!
Go, go, go Red Team!!!

Anonymous said...

Go Red Team - run your race!!!

Holly Freeman said...

These are great articles. Love the dogs howling and the audio clip with Allen.

Go Spiderwoman!!! Speedy, safe travels as you and the RED team continue on.

Go Black team!

Rooting for you both here in Cincinnati.

Margaret said...

Thanks so much for the link to the most excellent interview!

As with Allen's interview in the ADN, Dallas Seavey has his doubts about new wrinkles and new approaches to racing Iditarod.

No one except Allen hinted at the biggest unknown - Mother Nature!!!

In any event, this has been an information filled long-distance race, and I am grateful to SP Kennel for keeping me educated and informed!!!

You are the best - thanks Moira!!!

P.S. A dog dropped from Red Team in Ruby? Guess you only want the healthiest, happiest dogs racing up the Coast!!!

tmcaleer said...

Discipline counts. Aliy and Allen are so right to stick to their conviction and intuition. Such a great team and amazing role models!

Have a great race Aliy, watching and pulling for you again this year!

Go dawgs gooooo, bring Aliy to the win with all your spirit and drive this year.

Your entire team behind ... you have all worked so very hard, you are all absolutely AMAZING!

Anonymous said...

Great to read Allen's comments, perspective! Go teams!

Julie V.

Anonymous said...

Aliy into Galena ** OH YEAH ** !!! UNDER 400 miles now OH YEAH she is heading in and heading to the waters edge. GO Aliy. SCREAMING FOR YOU! Great going Red TEAM. Ron in AZ

marilyn cozzens said...

Thanks again for another excellent update & links. Go Aliy & Red Team. Keep to your strategy, all the way to win in Nome.